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Running Win 7 RTM X64 using FF 3.5 as the browser and KIS 2010 for AV/firewall. I just reinstalled Win 7 2 days ago, and I just got around to setting my system up with a static IP address and upon completion of that, I checked the box to validate the setting upon exit, and Windows network diagnostic runs and then informed me that the DNS service was not responding. I checked in the services and it shows DNS service running and set for automatic start-up. Now prior to my changing the IP address to a static one, I have been greeted with very slow browsing and extensive waiting to download files, even from Firefox, and MS. Now that I changed to static the problem still exists. Can this problem be related to the ISP? Or is it something else on the local system? This computer shares the internet connection with 4 other computers and is wired into the network, everyone else on the network has reported similar problems, and one of the systems is accessing the network via a wireless connection, but as of recent even with the wireless broadcasting disabled via the router(as a testing method) the other system still have the slow browsing issue.

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