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This is a taskbar RSS reader for Windows 7. It's still in beta as I'm sure there are bugs I'll need to fix. The only bug I'm aware of is that it doesn't work very well if a feed tries to include an image(eg. Neowin's) (you can see the html). I'll work on fixing this. If you find any other bugs let me know.

I'll add a proper settings dialog soon, but for now just paste the url to your RSS feeds into the included feeds.txt file (on separate lines). The text file includes a 2 News feeds just as an example.

For Windows 7 ONLY. It currently does not check for Windows 7 before running, so it will most likely crash on earlier Operating Systems. (like I said, its a work in progress)

For now it preforms its basic functions though. There are next, back and previous buttons, first and last buttons, etc. There is a also a refresh button and a button to open the current RSS Item in your browser. I may add jumplist support as well, not sure yet.


download.png Download

Alternate Download Location

(also, it takes a bit to start up, if it doesn't show up just give it a second)

As far as I'm aware something of this sort doesn't exist yet. If it does please tell me.

It does NOT work with Neowin's feeds yet. Once I get it working on HTML feeds Neowin feeds will work. (feeds with very basic html will work as it will strip it)

Feeds known to work:

CNN News Feeds

Lifehacker's excerpts feed (http://feeds.gawker.com/lifehacker/excerpts.xml)

Twitter RSS feeds

Any feed without HTML or only using simple html

I'll remove this part once HTML is parsed correctly since it won't be needed.

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I think you should give it a white background in the thumbnail preview so it can be a lot more readable :).

Thats not the way the taskbar previews are generally used but I guess I could have an option to use a white background. I'll try it out like that tonight.

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I've just registered to give my 5 cents. This tool is really innovative and I guess a lot of people think

it's a very useful tool.

It would be great to set up the size of the text. The transparent background looks great.

Different groups of feeds would be huge feature and increase the functionality.

Good job!


PS: A short To Do Manager in this style would be awesome! ,-)

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Yeah, white instead of slight transparency on the main content area would be better to read to be honest. Looking good though! (Y)

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