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Tyrese Gibson's MAYHEM! iTunes LP

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Phantom Helix    53

OK so i just downloaded the iTunes Link: Tyrese Gibson's MAYHEM! iTunes LP

I had not previously seen the Comic but I wanted to check out the iTunes LP stuff.

I have to say this is pretty cool, It Comes with Comic #1, the enforcer (which was the basis of the MAYHEM character before it was re-written), and X Marks The Spot.


The MAYHEM #1 Comic also has Audio for the on screen text, and you can turn off the text completely so you can see all images clearly

There is a special features section that includes, a behind the scenes video of making MAYHEM, Concept Art and Some Downloadable Wallpapers.

The Bundle also Comes with a Remix Single of Tyrese's MAYHEM (Take Me Away) song.

I Don't think i will be going digital for my comic book needs but this was cool, The audio for the comic book was nice but it had background sounds for each track that was a little weird because the audio

is short clips for each page and you have to click to turn the page, so from page to page there are gaps, would have been better if there was a continuous looping background track.

Wondering if anyone else has got this and what they think, or any other iTunes LP items

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