Best way to pick up knowledge of basketball for a beginner?

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A couple of years ago, I knew absolutely nothing about football. Now, I consider myself quite knowledgeable in the sport, not only in the rules but also the players on every single team. This is mainly attributed to playing Madden and reviewing the rosters (to see the good and bad players), playing fantasy football (again, player evaluation and roster depth), and listening to commentary about rules and penalties during games

I'm now trying to pick up basketball as well. With the new NBA 2K10 coming out next week, I thought that this would be an excellent start to my learning of basketball.

Basically, this post is to see if there are any other things I could do to pick the sport up. Mainly my goal is to be able to watch a game, and be intelligent enough to understand techniques (screens, traps, etc.), penalties (eg 3 in the key), and knowledge of players

From watching highlight shows, I know quite a few all-star players and their respective teams. I also know some catchy words like above in the parenthesis. I do not know, though, which teams play in which divisions. The division names in fact. Structure of playoffs. Structure of draft. What is a screen anyway? Same thing as a pick and roll?

It's quite hard to explain what I know and not know. But I hope I explained it well enough.

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