[Formula 1] Guess the Result: Race 16: Brazil

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Yes I know I'm late again with this. Sorry.

Hello and welcome to round sixteen of 'Guess the Result'.

The idea: Guess which 8 drivers will finish in the points at the next Formula 1 Grand Prix.

The rules: You have until Friday, October 16, 12:59 GMT to pick your top 8.

All guesses made after the deadline will be discarded. Points are awarded as follows:

  • Driver correctly guessed - 1 point
  • Driver and position correctly guessed - 3 points
  • All 8 drivers correctly guessed, order incorrect - 10 bonus points
  • All 8 drivers guessed in the correct order - 20 bonus points

You are free to modify your guess until the Friday, 12:59 GMT deadline.

The standings after round fifteen are:

  1. coming later

My guess for the Brazilian Grand Prix:

  1. Rubens Barichello - Brawn Mercedes
  2. Jenson Button - Brawn Mercedes
  3. Kimi R?ikk?nen - Ferrari
  4. Lewis Hamilton - McLaren Mercedes
  5. Sebastian Vettel - Red Bull Renault
  6. Robert Kubica - BMW Sauber
  7. Nico Rosberg - Williams Toyota
  8. Fernando Alonso - Renault

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Can someone post who is verified not to be in the race?

You mean driver changes? The only one I'm aware of is Kobayashi replacing Timo Glock in the Toyota.

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