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Bose PC Speakers

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Dan~    256

Should I get Bose Companion 3 or 5? 5 series is ?100 more, but is it worth it?

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Titanium_NX    8

As for the Bose 3 and 5, I have owned them both.

I liked them both, a lot of people don't care for bose because they never rate their systems.

I for one found them nice because I live in a smaller place they had good enough power to hear throughout the house if need be, but not overpowering.

Personally I like the 5 better, the main speakers sounded a bit clearer. I also liked having them on a stand.

Just a small note of advice, don't drop anything into the little round controller, it tends to break fast lol.

If you keep it free from drops of liquid you should be alright.

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