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This has happened on every setup yet. I'm frustrated and tired. Can somebody help me figure out what this means and how to fix it?

Connect using Remote Desktop Connection or remoteapp. When waking virtual machine, doesn't work. Event log says this,

"RD Connection Broker received connection request for user JACEI\tyler.

Hints in the RDP file (TSV URL) = tsv://vmresource.2.

Initial Application =

Call came from Redirector Server = connect.jacei.com

Redirector is configured as Virtual machine redirector"

then this

"RD Connection Broker has successfully determined the end point for this connection request.

Endpoint name = tyler-hyperv.jacei.com

Endpoint type = Non Farm

Resource plugin name = vmresource"

then this error

"RD Connection Broker failed to process the connection request for user JACEI\tyler.

Orchestration of the end point failed.

HRESULT = 0x88130017."

this appears under session broker.

this event also happens,

"Failed to orchestrate VM.

Verify Hyper-V status. VM GUID=5E5AC4EC-DD9F-46A0-8A29-0A3DDB113A8D, Hr=0x8000ffff"

this appears under TerminalServices-TSV-VmHostAgent


whats going on with it? this is frustrating me, it's like not getting to hyper-v or the vm or something. I turned the firewalls off sometimes for testing to see if that what it, wasn't it.

I'm so tired so please understand that. I feel like sleeping on this keyboard, it's looking more and more comfy, even the floor does. So if I say something dumb, understand I'm tired.....

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Ok quick question.. jacei.com is valid domain on the public net.

Domain Name.......... jacei.com

Creation Date........ 2007-06-25

Registration Date.... 2007-06-25

Expiry Date.......... 2010-06-25

Where this host - does not have a record

Endpoint name = tyler-hyperv.jacei.com

So how exactly are you resolving the the IP to this host? And where does it point too? The internal IP? Is this something your trying to allow on the public net - remote desktop to?

What happens if you just try to remote desktop to the IP address of the virtual machine? Again is this IP a private or public one?

BTW I show that host name "connect.jacei.com" Does resolve and ping from the public net. Is the IP correct? Please give some more details of what your trying to do exactly. And how your network is setup.

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I know this is a few months old now. But I will try to help you out.

If you are having issues with "waking the virtual machine" make sure that you have some settings on your VM's setup. I am just going to make some assumptions of your setup.

Login to each of your Win 7 VDI machines. (vdi-1, vdi-2, etc) And change the following settings.

- Delete your current RDV_Rollback snapshot, as not to lose these settings.

- Load regedit. hkey_local_machine > system > currentcontrolset > control > Terminal server > ---AllowRemoteRPC Set this to "1"

- On the VDI (Win7) itself, go to manage users and groups. Under Administrators add the VMhost that the VDI's are hosted on. (Whatever hyper-v is installed on that is hosting these machines)

- **Assuming you are on a domain, do a gpupdate, force, boot. After it reboots, check to make sure these settings are still correct. Just want to be sure that any of your policies are not changing this. If they are, you need to adjust this.

- Reboot, and then shut down properly.

- Re-Create your RDV_Rollback.

Everything should be good after this. PM me if you post a question on here as I don't check too often.

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