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Networking Problem


erOSIon    0

Windows Dial-up networking problem


This is a Windows XP Pro machine, that was having problems booting.

We booted from the Cd and ran setup in "recovery" mode. Everything is fine now except

I am unable to set up a dial-up networking connection. When i run the "create new connection wizard"

I Choose "connect to the internet"-->"set up my connection manualy"-->"HERES WHERE THE PROBLEM IS"

Problem: When i get to the third screen in the wizard where it asks whether i want to connect via "Dial-Up connection" "connect a broadband connection requiring user and pass" or "connect using a broadband connection that is always on" the option i want "Dial-up connection" is unavailable(light grey) so i am unable to choose this option.

Solution: Is there a way around this? or a way to make the options come back from being greyed out? I checked the modem is installed and it queries. Also, is this a registry issue? or is something not installed/configured correctly.

Whats in it for you?: First person to email a solution that works to tom@technology-2-go.com will receive 20 dollars via Paypal.



Head Technical Representative

Technology-2-go inc.

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ToastGodSupreme    2

Have you "tweaked" your services?

Certain services, if turned off, set to manual or whatnot, will disable certain functions of that.

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Cody    0

woah! i wish everyone gave out money for giving help!

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