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Effinofinus    0

Hi guys,

Merry Christmas and all that - just looking for some help and advice for connecting a surround sound system to the TV.

We have an entry level surround sound system so it doesn't have many useful connections on the back - fine for connecting to a computer's sound card but doens't seem to be easy to connect to the TV.


Above is a picture of the rear of the surround sound unit (5.1)

There is not audio output on the TV other than headphone and the freebox has nothing but scart.

What would be the best way to connect the surround sound system so that it can be used on the freeview box? My current line of research was to use a scart to phono cable and then use something to connect the audio phono cables to the freeview - I realise this wouldnt actually give full surround sound but at least it would be something.

or would it be possible to get a freeview box that would connect to the system simply?

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Eric    1,605


You'll get more visibility here. :)

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shihchiun    3

I was recently looking into this as well - the only thing I could come up with is to get a separate receiver unit.

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uniacidz    8

Sorry, those are computer speakers.

Too difficult to sort out.

Probably you could do one thing using your methods you suggested, use the Left White RCA to Phono into the Fronts and the Red right RCA to Phono into the rears. Then set up your speakers how you want em.

Might have to be a 2.0 or a 2.1 system.

Front 2 speakers, detach one and use as a front left, Rear 2 speakers detach and use one as a front right.

Sub is another story, might be able to do the same setup for the sub also and adjust the volume via the controls.

EG, White RCA to TWO phono splitter, one phono to front, one to the sub.

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