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Imnotrichey    0

So I just picked up a Blu Ray and am soon going to be getting a CT100 (very small room) to go with our HDTV.

From what I read the best way to go is :

1a HDMI out from the blu ray to HDMI in on CT100

1b HDMI out from HDTV Cable Box/DVR to HDMI in on CT100

2. HDMI out from CT100 to HDMI in on HDTV

so my questions are

1. is this the best way to do it? Or should i be using digital out ?

2. my main question is how does the tv then know you are using the bluray or the Cable Box. Like right now, without the soundbar I have the DVR going into HDMI 1 and the blu ray going into HDMI 2 so I just switch the inputs. But if they are all going in through HDMI 1 on the TV, how do you switch it from the cable to the DVR? I can understand you push a button on the soundbar for the sound but what about for the TV?

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bangbang023    31

That's the best way to do it and the way I do it, also. Also, when you switch the input on the soundbar, it also switches the video signal. So, if you have the soundbar turned to "DVD" it will forward the video information from that input as well as pumping out the audio. As soon as you switch to "BD", for instance, it will start cranking out the video and audio from that input.

The CT100 also forwards audio to the TV speakers when you shut it off, which is great for nighttime listening.

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