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New internet adaptor, slow speeds



This is a posting for my brother. I set him up with a new desktop recently and he was doing fine with everything.

I sent him a wifi card, this one actually


and when he went back to his apartment he found that he is getting very slow speeds and very high pings.

He gave the card to a roommate to try and his roommate got full speeds(~24mbits) while he was only getting about 3 or 4 mbits.

When he uses Ethernet cable, speeds are fine.

Range from router doesn't seem to affect it.

I had him update his drivers, he has win7x64.

nothing seems to affect it at all.

I haven't' had much time to diagnose it, but I'm fairly stumped.

His network doesn't have security, i had him double check all his network settings and they all should be fine.

Most of what i have been able to diagnose or do has been through batch files, because his technical skills are limited.

Any ideas would be VERY helpful.

I'm kinda stumped.

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bump for ideas, they don't even have to be good ones!

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