Who will be watching the 6 Nations rugby this weekend?

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Who will be watching the 6 nations rugby this weekend?

Anybody fancy predicting scores?

About the 6 Nations

For those who don't know what I'm going on about - the "6 Nations" is a rugby tournament which runs every year with Wales, England, Ireland, Scotland, Italy and France.

The team who beats every other team (no defeats) wins the "Grand Slam" or, if nobody wins the "Grand Slam" then the winner is the team with most points....fairly easy I think.

BUT there are also sub cup winning fixtures that are in the tournament - Scotland and England fight it out to win the Calcutta cup; Wales, England, Ireland and Scotland play to win the Triple Crown, the winner is the the team who beats the rest.



More info




My score predictions:

England 12 v Wales 18

Ireland 21 v Italy 6

Scotland 7 v France 17

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The Ireland match had about 15 minutes of actual exciting, decent play in the entire match. They're going to have to up their game next week against the French.

England aren't playing amazingly, especially in this second half, but at least they are winning! :)

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I didnt watch the Ireland game....so cant comment I'm afraid.

Wales v England - we had some good banter and cheering in the Student Guild where I was watching it. First half, some good defending from the lads in Red but there was no need for Alun Wyn Jones to stick his leg out the stupid git. Well done on one of the hair bear bunch in scoring a try, every try England scored was from foul play, eg knock forward, off side.....even the first England try caused accident offside when the try scorer ran into his own player before scoring.

Poor side, poor play, poor result for Wales.

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I saw most of the england match.

England weren't bad, they made less mistakes, but they struggled to get the ball going forward, wales seem to be a bigger threat going forward but mistakes from them allowed england to put together some points.

I'll be honest, my hopes going into this match were low, we should be able to win against Italy, but againstthe others? I'm still aiming low with my hopes, as long as we reduce the mistakes made then I'll be happy.

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