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Since I can't edit my last post, Laptop Public Account:


Digging that "Omnimo UI" Huh?

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Windows 7 default, Slate.

Wall - Cataclysm concept art, resized by me.


Maybe because they want interaction. So they just post a tease and hope people will interact with them. Ask me how I know this? lol.

Don't assume that everyone else shares your motivations. I agree with the statement that it's laziness, or not caring. I've seen many request posts over the years that go ignored, as far as a forum post reply goes anyway (there are always PMs I suppose). Some people DO do driveby desktop posts, and then never bother checking back to see if they got a response (like myself, which is why I post wallpaper, icons, etc). However, this is a pointless discussion. It's been asked and suggested over and over that people post the contents of their screenshots, so it's safe to assume that this will be a continued behavior. Might as well save the typing energy and stop pestering people about it, since it won't change.

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Thanks a lot it looks great!

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I'm ashame to admit i installed that willingly back when i first got the internet :shiftyninja: goes to show we were all noobs at one time... and been a 13 year old kid probably didn't help much either :p lol

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Sarcasm, anyone? rolleyes.gif

That´s what people normally get when they say dumb things. :rolleyes:

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Quite late but here's mine at the moment:

VS: Soft7 1.8

Rainmeter: Omnimo

CAD: Coversutra

I want to give Omnimo UI a try. Where is a good guide to make it look like yours?

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