[NFL] New logos for the 2010 NFL season

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I don't know how many people here are into graphic design, but if you are, you might be interested to know there are going to be some pretty big overhauls, graphically speaking, starting with the 2010 NFL season. There will be new conference logos, new preseason logos, new postseason logos and new conference championship trophies.

The new preseason logos aren't anything drastic, they're just standardizing to a certain shape and color:


The new conference logos are a little bit different. You'll notice now they have four stars, to represent the four divisions that make up each conference. The AFC logo was changed a lot, now it looks much more like the old NFC logo:


To go with the redesigned conference logos are new George Halas (NFC) and Lamar Hunt (AFC) Trophies. Unlike the old ones, which were quite busy, these are quite simple, and look like the top half of the Vince Lombardi Trophy:


The NFL Playoffs have all-new logos, completely different from the old glorified wordmarks:


And, perhaps the most controversial change, the NFL has made the decision to standardize all future Super Bowl logos, much like what you see in the NBA and MLB. The Vince Lombardi Trophy will always be front and center. Future Super Bowls will just have different colors and backgrounds.


For most NFL fans, they won't notice or care. What do you think? Is this a good direction for the NFL to be heading, or did you prefer the somewhat outdated (but unique) logos and trophies?

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Not too sure about those Playoff logos, too many cheap gradients going on..

To be honest I fancied the older logo's more, however could be for sentimental purposes..

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^ Nah, I'm actually in agreement with you. I really don't care for the playoff logos, as they seem dull / lifeless. I get that it's supposed to be a football around the logos also, but my eyes just really don't perceive it as such on first glance. All I see is an eye with the NFL logo inside.

I do like the AFC / NFC logos though at least.

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I'm not a big fan of the play-off logos, other than the AFC/NFC ones, those look better.

Also not sure about the AFC logo now.. i preferred the 6 stars

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Agree with everyone else, the news logos look nicer - apart from the Playoff ones! :p

I agree as well.

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They made the NFC and AFC logos fatter... bleh.

The playoff ones look so cheap.

The Super Bowl one is nice though.

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