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embedding text into copy & paste action


splur    27

So, while I was replying to another post on here, I was trying to copy a paste from an article on a website, and noticed that it copy a pasted extra text which wasn't on the page. It's actually from National Post, just as an example.


If you try to copy and past the article, it'll copy the article and at the bottom, also this text...


Read more: http://network.nationalpost.com/NP/blogs/toronto/archive/2010/03/23/cn-tower-is-staying-as-cn-tower.aspx#ixzz0j22tyrzZ

The National Post is now on Facebook. Join our fan community today."

It's not there anywhere in the article, nor when I tried to search it in the HTML code is it in there either. How did they do it? Javascript?

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Cupcakes    151

Very intuitive actually. :)

    &lt;script language="javascript" type="text/javascript"&gt;
        function callPage(oList) {
            var sValue = oList.options[oList.selectedIndex].value;
            window.location.href = sValue;

That's in the header; They've got other JS files throughout the site that will have the rest of the code itself. Didn't feel like going through all of them :p.

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