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Windows 7 x86 Orginial Theme-Related Files

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LiquidSolstice    115

Well, after seeing a few disasters with theme modding, I decided I'd bundle up all the main parts of the theming system for Windows 7 and gather them here. Yes, I know most theme modding tools backup the resources they modify or patch, but sometimes people forget to backup the other files that the theme asks you to replace. Either way, this includes every possible resource you might have replaced or modified to get a theme working. These files come straight from a fresh install of Windows 7 x86 (32-bit). Here is the contents of the zip (all of this is included in the text file located in the zip.)

You will need to take ownership of the corresponding files in your Windows directory first. If you do not know how to do that, follow this guide to add a context menu entry to do so: Add "Take Ownership" to Explorer Right-Click Menu in Win 7 or Vista.

If you are not interested in a context menu entry, you can do each file manually, by following this guide: How To Take Ownership/Grant Permissions Manually

Here are the original locations of the files you will need to restore. X is your main Windows drive. Usually it is C:\.



~ explorer.exe



~ ExplorerFrame.dll

~ shell32.dll

~ shellstyle.dll

~ themeservice.dll

~ uxtheme.dll

~ themeui.dll

~ timedate.cpl

All of these files come straight from a freshly installed copy of Windows 7 (x86).

I cannot do x64 because I do not have an x64 machine, if you do and would like to upload the files as well, please go ahead.

I have to post this as a localhostr link because it will not fit in an attatchment. If it goes down, please PM me right away! I hope you find it useful! :)


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