Manny Pacquiao targets one last fight

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Five-weight world champion Manny Pacquiao says he will have one last fight after securing a seat in the Philippine Congress by a huge margin.

"I asked my mom, can I please fight one more time? She said 'okay'," Pacquiao told the ABS-CBN news portal.

Pacquiao's chief financial adviser Michael Konzc added that 6 November and 13 November had been set aside as potential dates for his next fight.

Unbeaten Floyd Mayweather or Mexican Antonio Margarito are likely opponents.

The Dallas Cowboys Stadium in Texas is set to hold the fight, though Konzc added that negotiations with potential opponents have yet to begin.

"There is no named opponent yet, but that is certainly when we will fight," said Konzc.

The boxing world is desperate for a clash between Pacquiao and 33-year-old American Mayweather, who are not only the two best welterweights, but widely regarded as the two contenders for the unofficial title of pound-for-pound champion.

A planned fight between the pair fell through in March when the Filipino champion refused Mayweather's demands for random blood and urine tests in the run up to the fight.

"If Mayweather wants to fight Manny, then no problem, provided he doesn't try to bully us into terms and conditions," said Konzc, who added that the 31-year-old would fight under the rules of the commission hosting the bout.

Konzc also said Pacquiao could fight whoever wins the 4 June bout between Israeli Yuri Foreman and Puerto Rican Miguel Cotto, whom Pacquiao defeated in November.

Pacquiao last fought in March when he defeated Ghanaian Joshua Clottey to retain his WBO welterweight belt for a 12th consecutive victory. Mayweather earned a unanimous points victory over American Shane Mosley earlier in May.

After that fight, Mayweather said: "If Manny takes the [blood] test, we can make the fight happen."

The Philippines star has lost just three times in 56 fights, drawing two and winning 38 of his 51 victories by knockout. Mayweather has won all of his 45 contests - 25 by knockout.

Koncz added that Pacquiao was now resting following a night of monitoring results from the congressional race in Sarangani province that pitted him against businessman Roy Chiongbian, 61, scion of a politically powerful and wealthy family.

'Pacman' was roundly defeated when he first ventured into politics in a run for the House of Representatives in 2007.

Campaigning last month, Pacquiao described his platform as "very simple, very basic" - giving small boats to fishermen and financial support to neighbourhood stores so people can build livelihoods, plus offering free education and medicine and medical care to the poor.

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I hope him and Mayweather go toe to toe, and i have no doubt he'd beat his ass. Pacquiao is a cool guy and a loud mouth like Mayweather has an ass whooping awaiting him.

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Really want the MW and Pacquiao fight to go ahead, I just hope he agrees to the blood testing as its the fight that most people are hyped up about.

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Pacquiao knows that Money May needs him more than he needs Money May. Either he drops his extra drug test demands, or he has to answer questions for the rest of his life.

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Manny Pacquiao agrees to 14-day blood-testing limit

Filipino star Manny Pacquiao has given the clearest indication yet that he is willing to compromise over Floyd Mayweather's drug-testing demands.

Pacquiao says he would now be willing to take a blood test 14 days ahead of any fight with his American rival.

"I have agreed to it, but they should not draw much blood," he said.

Negotiations for a bout between the pair fell through earlier this year when the unbeaten Mayweather insisted on Olympic-style random drug testing.

Five-weight world champion Pacquiao said: "They should only take what is necessary for the drug test."

The 31-year-old, who previously said he does not like giving blood close to his fights, added: "14 days," when stating the time limit for blood to be taken before the fight.

In the run-up to their aborted March bout, Mayweather called for repeated blood testing up to the day of the fight. Pacquiao, who has never failed a doping test, wanted a 30-day cut-off.

Mayweather later said he agreed to a 14-day cut-off but that Pacquiao would not accept it.

Since then they have faced different opponents, with Mayweather beating Shane Mosley and Pacquiao defeating Joshua Clottey.

A fight between the pair, widely regarded and the two best pound-for-pound boxers in the world, would also likely be the richest in the sport's history, with Las Vegas or Dallas the likely venue.

"He [Mayweather] will no longer have a reason [not to fight]," added Pacquiao. "Let's see if that is really the reason."

Earlier this month, Pacquiao said he would have one last fight after securing a seat in the Philippine Congress by a huge margin.

His chief financial adviser Michael Konzc added that 6 November and 13 November had been set aside as potential dates for his next bout.

If it is not against Mayweather, Mexico's Antonio Margarito is his other likely opponent.

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Mayweather needs to be put down just to show him how his ego is gonna come back and bite him.

maybe, but he's not going to lose... ever.

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