Chrome/Chromium hardware acceleration

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There's a couple new switches being worked on in the Chromium nightly builds that (hopefully) will make it to Chrome soonish.



Seems hardware acceleration will be in Chrome shortly. Yey!


Also in the works is an unified app wrench where they move the current page icon and menu to the right of the Go button into the wrench. One icon less will make it even more compact. Only available in Linux builds at the moment though.

Hope this isn't old news.

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Just want to note, for the new unified wrench. Even though they have not said anything about it. It works on Windows. In the latest Chromium build I added "--new-wrench-menu". And it actually works and is pretty neat :D

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You know, if a browser got a new feature, it is a custom to post benchmarks, pictures ....

So, where are the pics? Where are the benchmarks?

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