[WC2010] Game 07 - Serbia vs. Ghana

Who will win game 7?  

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  1. 1. Serbia, Ghana or Draw?

    • Serbia
    • Ghana
    • Draw

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So, I think it'll be a good idea to have a thread per game otherwise we'll have a cluster**** in the World Cup thread.

The game will be held on Loftus Versfeld Stadium, Pretoria on June 13th at 16:00 (local time)

Referee: H?ctor Baldassi (Argentina)

I think this will be an interesting game as both sides are competitive IMO it's a close call but I'll go with Serbia 2-1.

Feel free to discuss.

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god these games are so boring so far :rofl:

Kind of agree to an extent, but Ghana is putting in quite the effort, imo they seem to be the slightly better squad. Ghana is definitely performing at a higher level then I expected.

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god these games are so boring so far :rofl:

Shouldn't come as a surprise - Most teams tend to just bog down and play the defense game at the very beginning of the tournament, just to play it safe.

It's pretty common knowledge actually, the fun starts as it progresses and we start to hit the brackets that matter - Then it's about the offense and each game's outcome

matters greatly.

So expecting the world at the very start of the world cup is a bit naive :)

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Hugely dissapointing because I'm originally from Serbia..

This is not the team and skill Serbia showed in qualifications.. it was awful play.

Ghana fully deserved it.

You only saw a glimpse of how good Serbia could play when they lost 1 player. They started coming back and playing as they should and then bad luck with the penalty.

But I don't get why the hell the coach obviously told them to play it safe and almost play to just hold the tie.. the worst type of thing you could do.. If they attacked from the start like they can, they would've beat Ghana 3:0 or something.. but they held back, let Ghana attack and finally lost by that freakin' penalty.

Serves them right. I'm glad for Ghana.. they played offensively and were trying super hard and were rewarded with a win.

Interestingly enough Ghana coach is from Serbia too :) That's probably why he knew how Serbian team would play for the most part.

Overall very disappointing game for Serbia. They might as well pack their suitcases as they'll lose from Germany without a doubt and that's it.

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