Thanks Yanks!

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Should England win on Wednesday, then the USA have assured us pole position of group C since they denied Slovenia the win last Friday :D


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Yes indeed, im still upset that the u.s didnt win that last one though, conspiracy i tell you conspiracy! lmao. Oh well the show must go on and go on with a win.

Dont thank us though thank the FIFA refs.

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If England draw 2 - 2 with Slovenia and USA draw 0 - 0 with Algeria, it's FIFA World Cup Lottery time! :p

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what DOES happen if it's a universal draw? >>

Then it goes to lottery, bit like penalty shoot outs then :p

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An England win? A bit optomistic in light of recent events, even though I have chosen them to win in my sky sports pick 6.

Won't be watching it though - working over every night this week, so i'll do like I have done previously and follow it on bbc website.

I do hope we win, but also have the little devil on the other shoulder wanting them to loose for been a group of overpaid pansies.

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Here are all the scenarios for Group C:


USA advances with:

(a) Win versus Algeria on Wednesday

(b) Tie and Slovenia-England tie IF England does not outscore USA by 2+ goals

© Tie and England loss

Slovenia advances with:

(a) Win or tie versus England

(b) Loss AND USA tie vs Algeria

© Loss and Algeria win as long as Algeria doesn't make up tiebreakers*

England advances with:

(a) Win versus Slovenia

(b) Tie AND USA-Algeria tie AND outscore USA by 3 goals

Algeria advances with:

(a) Win versus USA AND Slovenia win/tie versus England

(b) Win versus USA AND Slovenia loss versus England AND makes up tiebreakers on Slovenia

Note: If the U.S. draws with Algeria and England draws with Slovenia, and England scores exactly two more goals than the U.S., the U.S. and England would be even on all tiebreakers for second place. The tie would be broken by drawing lots ... aka, a coin flip.

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