Barca Bankrupt?

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Thought this great bit of news deserves its own thread..

Barcelona, which added World Cup top scorer David Villa this offseason, is negotiating a 150 million- euro ($188.6 million) bank loan after falling behind with salary payments to players.

The soccer club denied it's bankrupt. The 2009 European champion hopes to secure the loan in a few days, Barcelona President Sandro Rosell said, according to the team Web site. Rosell, who replaced Joan Laporta last week, didn't identify the banks the club is negotiating with or name players affected by the wage delay. "We have to finance" our short-term obligations such as wages, Rosell said, adding the team also plans to trade defender Dmytro Chygrynskiy back to Shakhtar Donetsk for 15 million euros, 10 million less than it paid for him in August 2009. Club members "can relax," Rosell added. "The club isn't bankrupt."


I knew the way they were chasing Cesc was coz they are panicking.. they are out of finances and Mourinho at Real is scaring them ****less.. rofl.gif

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They aren't bankrupt since a few days ago they posted record profits. The money is probably tied up in more long term investments and they need to finance NOW in order to make payments.

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