2014 FIFA World Cup Logo Revealed

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The Brazilian football team might already be on the plane back home from the South African tournament, but that hasn?t stopped the creative community in the South American nation from doing their jobs.

Sao Paolo-based agency Africa has on 8 July unveiled the official logo for the 2014 World Cup to be held in Brazil.

Source: Daily News


IMO: Looks better :D

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Those RC mark mean that the Img is Release Candidate?

Registered and Copyright logos :D Not everyone is tech-oriented.

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I like it. :D I still think Germany's in '06 was the best.

Sure it looks nice :cool:


I also like this one you posted.

This logo makes me facepalm for some reason... :huh:


:laugh: :devil: :rofl:

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The logo has a triple facepalm: one for the referee and two more for the new extra goal referee that FIFA will introduce (instead of the video replay).

These new referees will fail, since UEFA already tested this system this year and guess what: right in the first game, a clean goal was missed.

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