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We are going to merge the Fantasy Sports forum into The Sporting Arena and request members use [Fantasy] tags when discussing fantasy teams. As of this morning, there were only 2* (or maybe 3*) active threads in the subforum. Now, I realize this is a slow time of the year (no hockey and no basketball yet, football is just starting and we seemed to have ignored baseball this year). Even when the forum is "busy" it usually consists of about 5 pinned threads which can easily be handled by The Sporting Arena. It may also grant some higher exposure to our fantasy teams since those threads will be one level higher. There are so few threads, however, that I don't think the fantasy threads will interfere with the regular use of The Sporting Area.

One a somewhat related note, we still need one more member to join the football league and I'm already pumped for the hockey season (not that I expect the Leafs to win or anything but I'm pumped nevertheless).

Please direct all of your complaints to me (if any) and I'll post it for the other Supers/Admins.

Thank you,

Fred Derf


*I just found two additional fantasy threads that were not in the Fantasy Sports subforum. They were both renamed/re-tagged.

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