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Click to imbiggen.

Icons on the bottom row may be changing soonish as I just got my copies of Design and Production Suites CS 5. :happy:. Icons are arranged in order of frequency of use though.

Only showing primary monitor as the secondary monitor is ..well, .. just a black background.

my laptop


What wallpapers are you two using?



My OS X laptop. Running Snow Leopard. Stats at the bottom of the screen are shown via GeekTool. Dock has been modded to take up less space.



Programs in the screenshot:

Cornerstone Subversion client. I find it useful for browsing svn logs and for diffing changes between commits. I wish that there were tools of similar quality for Git and Mercurial.

VMWare Fusion. My web development virtual machine runs Linux. Windows XP is for testing in IE.

I keep my todo notes in TaskPaper. I also have TaskPaper on my iPhone and iPad and my notes get synced to all my devices over the air.



I interact with the terminal a lot. So I've installed Visor and have bound Cmd + Esc to it. Press Cmd + Esc, and the terminal window slides down. Makes for quick access from any virtual desktop.

Each terminal tab is a session on a different box. I run tmux inside each tab. This gives me a tiling window manager for each session.

Second Monitor / Virtual Desktop


If I'm using dual monitors, the second monitor usually runs MacVim in fullscreen mode. If I'm only connected to one monitor, I run MacVim in a different virtual desktop.

What's that Terminal/vim theme?

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What's that Terminal/vim theme?

Terminal theme is IR Black. I've modified it a bit.

Vim colour scheme is one of my own. I call it vy2:

" This Vim color scheme file is meant for GUI use.

set background=dark
hi clear
if exists("syntax_on")
    syntax reset
let g:colors_name="vy2"

hi Normal        guifg=#dddddd  guibg=#333333
hi Title         guifg=white
hi Cursor        guibg=#ffffff
hi LineNr        guifg=#555555  guibg=#363636
hi Visual        guibg=#555555
hi NonText       guifg=#494949  guibg=#353535
hi StatusLine    guifg=#bbbbbb  guibg=#444444  gui=none
hi StatusLineNC  guifg=#777777  guibg=#444444  gui=none
hi VertSplit     guifg=#444444  guibg=#444444  gui=none
hi ModeMsg       guifg=#bbddbb  guibg=#394439  gui=none
hi ErrorMsg      guifg=#222222  guibg=#ff8888  gui=none
hi Error         guifg=#ffaaaa  guibg=#333333  gui=none

" Vim 7.x specific
if version >= 700
  hi CursorLine  guibg=#353535  gui=none
  hi MatchParen  guibg=#364836  gui=none
  hi Pmenu       guifg=#aaaaaa  guibg=#444444  gui=none
  hi PmenuSel    guifg=#222222  guibg=#bbddbb  gui=none
  hi PmenuSbar   guifg=#494949  guibg=#494949  gui=bold
  hi PmenuThumb  guifg=#666666  guibg=#666666  gui=bold
  hi Search      guifg=#aaccaa  guibg=#394539  gui=none
  hi IncSearch   guifg=#cceecc  guibg=#445544  gui=bold
  hi ColorColumn   guibg=#353535

" Syntax highlighting 
hi Comment       guifg=#777777  gui=none
hi Todo          guifg=#888888  guibg=#444444  gui=italic
hi Operator      guifg=#bbbbbb  gui=none
hi Identifier    guifg=#bbbbbb  gui=none
hi Statement     guifg=#bbbbbb  gui=none
"hi Type          guifg=#bbddbb  gui=none
"hi Type          guifg=#ddddbb  gui=none
hi Type          guifg=#bbccdd  gui=none
hi Constant      guifg=#aaccaa  gui=none
hi Conditional   guifg=#bbbbbb  gui=none
hi Delimiter     guifg=#779977  gui=none
hi PreProc       guifg=#88aa88  gui=none
hi Special       guifg=#bbddbb  gui=bold
hi Keyword       guifg=#bbbbbb  gui=none

hi link Function        Normal
hi link Character       Constant
hi link String          Constant
hi link Boolean         Constant
hi link Number          Constant
hi link Float           Number
hi link Repeat          Conditional
hi link Label           Statement
hi link Exception       Statement
hi link Include         PreProc
hi link Define          Type
hi link Macro           PreProc
hi link PreCondit       PreProc
hi link StorageClass    Type
hi link Structure       Type
hi link Typedef         Type
hi link Tag             Special
hi link SpecialChar     Special
hi link SpecialComment  Special
hi link Debug           Special

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