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Javascript problem



My menu (lavalamp) is supposed to keep the marker on the topic you're under.

If you click About the Author, it opens that page but the marker should stay

under About the Author. Instead, it's going back to Home.

If you click your browser's back button, the marker is over the area it's

supposed to be... but you're not on that topic anymore.

Anyone else using Lavalamp and having this issue?


 * jquery.LavaLamp v1.3.4b2 - light up your menu with fluid, jQuery powered animations.
 * Requires jQuery v1.2.3 or better from http://jquery.com
 * Tested on jQuery 1.4, 1.3.2 and 1.2.6
 * http://nixboxdesigns.com/projects/jquery-lavalamp/
 * Copyright (c) 2008, 2009, 2010 Jolyon Terwilliger, jolyon@nixbox.com
 * Source code Copyright (c) 2008, 2009, 2010
 * Dual licensed under the MIT and GPL licenses:
 * http://www.opensource.org/licenses/mit-license.php
 * http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl.html
 * credits to Guillermo Rauch and Ganeshji Marwaha (gmarwaha.com) for previous editions
 * Version: 1.0 - adapted for jQuery 1.2.x series
 * Version: 1.1 - added linum parameter
 * Version: 1.2 - modified to support vertical resizing of elements
 * Version: 1.3 - enhanced automatic <li> item hi-lighting - will attempt to
 *					lock onto li > a element with href closest to selected
 *					window.location
 *			 	- click always returns 'true' by default, for standard link follow through.
 * Version: 1.3.1 - verified for use with jQuery 1.3 - should still work with 1.2.x series
 *				- changed linum parameter to startItem for clarity
 *				- improved slide-in accuracy for .back elements with borders
 *				- changed .current class to .selectedLava for clarity and improved
 *					support
 *				- appended 'Lava' to all internal class names to avoid conflicts
 *				- fixed bug applying selectedLava class to elements with matching
 *					location.hash
 *				- now supports jquery.compat plugin for cross-library support
 *				- performance improvements
 *				- added new options:
 *				autoReturn: true - if set to false, hover will not return to last selected
 *									item upon list mouseout.
 *				returnDelay: 0 - if set, will delay auto-return feature specified # of
 *									milliseconds.
 *				setOnClick: true - if set to false, hover will return to default element
 *									regardless of click event.
 *				homeLeft: 0, homeTop: 0 - if either set to non zero value, absolute
 *									positioned li element with class .homeLava is 
 *									prepended to list for homing feature.
 *				homeWidth: 0, homeHeight: 0 - if set, are used for creation of li.homeLava
 *									element.
 *				returnHome: false - if set along with homeLeft or homeTop, lavalamp hover
 *									will always return to li.home after click.
 * Version: 1.3.2 - fixed: stray $ references inside the plugin to work with
 *					jQuery.noConflict() properly - thanks Colin.
 * Version: 1.3.3 - fixed: added closure with null passed argument for move() command in
 * 					returnDelay to fix errors some were seeing - thanks to Michel and 
 *					Richard for noticing this.
 *					fixed: changed mouseover/out events to mouseenter/leave to fix jerky
 *					animation problem when using excessive margins instead of padding. 
 *					Thanks to Thomas for the solution and Chris for demonstrating the problem.
 *					* requires jQuery 1.3 or better
 *					enhanced: added 'noLava' class detection to prevent LavaLamp effect
 *					application to LI elements with this class. This feature allows you to
 *					create submenus - for details, see examples at
 *					http://nixboxdesigns.com/demos/jquery-lavalamp-demos.html
 *					enhanced: modified to better automatically find default location for 
 *					relative links. Thanks to Harold for testing and finding this bug.
 * Version: 1.3.4 - major overhaul on practically everything:
 *					enhanced: added target and autoResize options - see below.
 *					enhanced: better automatic default item selection and URI resolution,
 *					better support for returnHome and returnDelay, refined internal variable
 *					usage and test to be as lean as possible
 *					fixed: backLava hover element now exactly covers the destination LI dimensions.
 *					fixed: changed use of mouseleave/mouseenter to bind events so will work with
 *							jQuery 1.2.2 onward.
 *					enhanced: behaves more like a plugin should and now automatically adds proper
 * 							position CSS tags to the backLava element and parent container
 *							if absent. 
 * Examples and usage:
 * The HTML markup used to build the menu can be as simple as...
 * 	<ul class="lavaLamp">
 * 	<li><a href="#">Phone Home</a></li>
 * 	<li><a href="#">Make Contact</a></li>
 * 	<li><a href="#">Board Ship</a></li>
 * 	<li><a href="#">Fly to Venus</a></li>
 * 	</ul>
 * Additional Styles must be added to make the LavaLamp perform properly, to wit:
 * <style>
 * ul.lavaLamp {
 * padding:5px; // use some minimal padding to account for sloppy mouse movements
 * }
 * ul.lavaLamp li.backLava {
 * z-index:3; // must be less than z-index of A tags within the LI elements
 * }
 * ul.lavaLamp li a {
 * display:block; // helps with positioning the link within the LI element
 * z-index:10; 	// or must be higher than li.backLava z-index
 * }
 * </style>
 * Once you have included the basic styles above, you will need to include 
 * the jQuery library, easing plugin (optional) and the this LavaLamp plugin.
 * jQuery Easing Library 1.3 available here: http://plugins.jquery.com/project/Easing
 * Example LavaLamp initializing statement:
 * $(function() { $("ul.lavaLamp").lavaLamp({ fx: "easeOutBack", speed: 700}) });
 * finds all UL elements in the document with the class of 'lavaLamp' and attaches the 
 * LavaLamp plugin using an easing library fx of OutBack and an animate speed of 
 * 700 milliseconds or 7/10ths of a second.
 * List of Parameters
 * @param target - default: 'li' 
 * valid selector for target elements to receive hover effect
 * Example:
 * jQuery("div#article").lavaLamp({ target:'p' });
 * assigns all p elements under div#article to receive lavaLamp hover events
 * @param fx - default: 'swing'
 * selects the easing formula for the animation - requires the jQuery Easing library 
 * to be loaded for additional effects
 * Example:
 * jQuery("ul.lavaLamp").lavaLamp({ fx: "easeOutElastic" });
 * animates the backLava element using the OutElastic formula
 * @param speed - default: 500
 * sets animation speed in milliseconds
 * Example:
 * jQuery("ul.lavaLamp").lavaLamp({ speed: 1000 });
 * sets the animation speed to one second.
 * @param click - default: function() { return true; }
 * Callback to be executed when the menu item is clicked. The 'event' object and source target
 * DOM element will be passed in as arguments so you can use them in your function.
 * Example:
 * jQuery("ul.lavaLamp").lavaLamp({ click: function(event, menuItem) {
 *		alert(event+el);
 *		return false;
 * } });
 * causes the browser to display an alert message of the variables passed and 
 * return false aborts any other click events on child items, including not 
 * following any links contained within the target
 * @param startItem - default: 'no'
 * specifies the number target element as default, starting with 0 for the first element
 * Used to manually set the default lavaLamp hi-light on load.
 * Example:
 * jQuery("ul.lavaLamp").lavaLamp({ startItem: 2 });
 * selects the third element in the list as default location for backLava
 * @param autoReturn - default: true
 * defines whether the backLava hover should return to the last selectedLava element
 * upon mouseleave.
 * Example:
 * jQuery("ul.lavaLamp").lavaLamp({ autoReturn: false });
 * turns off the autoReturn feature - backLava element will stay on the last element
 * that you hovered over.
 * @param returnDelay - default: 0
 * how many milliseconds to wait before returning the backLava element to the last
 * selected element. Only works if autoReturn is set to true (default setting)
 * Example:
 * jQuery("ul.lavaLamp").lavaLamp({ returnDelay: 1000 });
 * waits one second after mouseleave event before returning to the last selected
 * element.
 * @param setOnClick - default: true
 * defines whether a clicked element should receive the selectLava class and become the
 * most recently selected element
 * Example:
 * jQuery("ul.lavaLamp").lavaLamp({ setOnClick:false });
 * disables selecting of elements once clicked - after you leave the parent list element
 * the backLava will return to the original default element the page was loaded with.
 * @param homeTop - default: 0
 * @param homeLeft - default: 0
 * @param homeHeight - default: 0
 * @param homeWidth - default: 0
 * allows you to define an independent 'home' element where the backLava defaults to or can
 * be sent to. This can be used to define a unique starting and/or resting place for the 
 * backLava upon leaving the parent element.
 * Example:
 * jQuery("ul.lavaLamp").lavaLamp({ homeTop:-100, homeLeft:0, homeHeight:20, homeWidth:600 });
 * creates a home element 100 pixels above the parent container with a height of 20px and
 * width of 600px. If the parent element has CSS of overflow:hidden, this can provide
 * an interesting fly-in effect
 * @param returnHome - default:false
 * adjusts behavior of the backLava element when the mouse leaves the parent container. 
 * the default behavior of 'false' causes the backLava element to stay on the active menu 
 * items after it is first triggered. this feature respects the returnDelay parameter, if set.
 * this feature overrides the autoReturn parameter.
 * Example:
 * jQuery("ul.lavaLamp").lavaLamp({ returnHome:true });
 * causes the backLava element to always return to the homeLava position after 
 * mouse leaves the parent container. this can be manually triggered by running 
 * the command jQuery("ul.lavaLamp").mouseover();
 * @param autoResize - default:false
 * triggers the selectedLava mouseenter event when the window is resized 
 * setting autoResize to true causes the backLava element to reposition and change dimensions
 * if the resizing the screen changes the shape of the lavaLamp. Best used with the
 * target option. Default is false for efficiency as this feature is new and seldom used.
 * Example:
 * jQuery('div#articles').lavaLamp({target:'p',autoSize:true});
 * causes the backLava element to resize and reposition to the p.selectedLava position 
 * and dimensions when the window resizes.

(function(jQuery) {
jQuery.fn.lavaLamp = function(o) {
	o = jQuery.extend({
				target: 'li', 
				fx: 'swing',
				speed: 500, 
				click: function(){return true}, 
				startItem: '',
				autoReturn: true,
				returnDelay: 0,
				setOnClick: true,
			o || {});

	// parseInt for easy mathing
	function getInt(arg) {
		var myint = parseInt(arg);
		return (isNaN(myint)? 0: myint);

	if (o.autoResize)

	return this.each(function() {
		// ensures parent UL or OL element has some positioning
		if (jQuery(this).css('position')=='static')

		// create homeLava element if origin dimensions set
		if (o.homeTop || o.homeLeft) { 
			var $home = jQuery('<'+o.target+' class="homeLava"></'+o.target+'>').css({ left:o.homeLeft, top:o.homeTop, width:o.homeWidth, height:o.homeHeight, position:'absolute' });

		var path = location.pathname + location.search + location.hash, $selected, $back, $lt = jQuery(o.target+'[class!=noLava]', this), delayTimer, bx=0, by=0;

		// start $selected default with CSS class 'selectedLava'
		$selected = jQuery(o.target+'.selectedLava', this);

		// override $selected if startItem is set
		if (o.startItem != '')
			$selected = $lt.eq(o.startItem);

		// default to $home element
		if ((o.homeTop || o.homeLeft) && $selected.length<1)
			$selected = $home;

		// loop through all the target element a href tags and
		// the longest href to match the location path is deemed the most 
		// accurate and selected as default
		if ($selected.length<1) {
			var pathmatch_len=0, $pathel;

				var thishref = $('a:first',this).attr('href');
				//console.log(thishref+' size:'+thishref.length);
				if (path.indexOf(thishref)>-1 && thishref.length > pathmatch_len )
					$pathel = $(this);
					pathmatch_len = thishref.length;

			if (pathmatch_len>0) {
				//console.log('found match:'+$('a:first',$pathel).attr('href'));
				$selected = $pathel;
				//console.log('no match!');

		// if still no matches, default to the first element
		if ( $selected.length<1 )
			$selected = $lt.eq(0);

		// make sure we only have one element as $selected and apply selectedLava class
		$selected = jQuery($selected.eq(0).addClass('selectedLava'));

		// add mouseover event for every sub element
		$lt.bind('mouseenter', function() {
			// help backLava behave if returnDelay is set
			if(delayTimer) {clearTimeout(delayTimer);delayTimer=null;}
		}).click(function(e) {
			if (o.setOnClick) {
				$selected = jQuery(this).addClass('selectedLava');
			return o.click.apply(this, [e, this]);

		// creates and adds to the container a backLava element with absolute positioning
		$back = jQuery('<li class="backLava"><div class="leftLava"></div><div class="bottomLava"></div><div class="cornerLava"></div></li>').css('position','absolute').prependTo(this);

		// setting css height and width actually sets the innerHeight and innerWidth, so
		// compute border and padding differences on styled backLava element to fit them in also.
		bx = getInt($back.css('borderLeftWidth'))+getInt($back.css('borderRightWidth'))+getInt($back.css('paddingLeft'))+getInt($back.css('paddingRight'));
		by = getInt($back.css('borderTopWidth'))+getInt($back.css('borderBottomWidth'))+getInt($back.css('paddingTop'))+getInt($back.css('paddingBottom'));

		// set the starting position for the lavalamp hover element: .back
		if (o.homeTop || o.homeLeft)
			$back.css({ left:o.homeLeft, top:o.homeTop, width:o.homeWidth, height:o.homeHeight });
			$back.css({ left: $selected.position().left, top: $selected.position().top, width: $selected.outerWidth()-bx, height: $selected.outerHeight()-by }); 

		// after we leave the container element, move back to default/last clicked element
		jQuery(this).bind('mouseleave', function() {
			var $returnEl = null;
			if (o.returnHome)
				$returnEl = $home;
			else if (!o.autoReturn)
				return true;

			if (o.returnDelay) {
				if(delayTimer) clearTimeout(delayTimer);
				delayTimer = setTimeout(function(){move($returnEl);},o.returnDelay);
			else {
			return true;

		function move($el) {
			if (!$el) $el = $selected;

				left: $el.position().left,
				top: $el.position().top,
				width: $el.outerWidth()-bx,
				height: $el.outerHeight()-by
			}, o.speed, o.fx);


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Ack, nothing?

I'm not a JavaScript developer, but I would bet that your issue is the initialization of your start location.

I bet you need something like this to start up at the About the Author tab/option:

jQuery("ul.lavaLamp").lavaLamp({ startItem: 3 });

Assuming the name is accurate.

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I can't see your PHP but it doesn't look like a start position is being pushed through to the javascript code.

This is a Wordpress blog right?

If it isn't a Wordpress blog, swap out (is_page('pagename')) for ($_GET['page'] == "pagename") or whatever code snippet you're using to determine what page is loaded.

You will need to set up something like this:

if(is_home()) {$lavastart = 1;} else
if(is_page('Designs')) {$lavastart = 2;} else
if(is_page('Opinions')) {$lavastart = 3;} else
if(is_page('Biography')) {$lavastart = 4;} else 
if(is_page('Credits')) {$lavastart = 5;} else
{$lavastart = 1;}

And then in your javascript:

(this assumes that the syntax above is correct - startItem: 3)

$(function() {
   $('ul#menu').lavaLamp({ startItem: <?php echo $lavastart; ?>});

If you want to set up multiple pages to show the indicator on the same spot (ie. Designs & My Game show Designs highlighted) you will need to set up some ors in your ifs, like so:

if(is_page('Designs') or is_page('My Game') or is_page('OS')) {$lavastart = 2;}

Disclaimer: This is completely untested and I only just woke up. It's entirely possible there may be syntax errors or missing brackets. Sorry :)

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This isn't a Wordpress site. The menu structure is:

<div id="menu-box">
<ul id="menu">
<li><a href="http://www.richardmccord.com/">Home</a></li>
<li><a href="http://www.richardmccord.com/Designs.php">Designs</a></li>
<li><a href="http://www.richardmccord.com/Opinions.php">Opinions</a></li>
<li><a href="http://www.richardmccord.com/index.php?page=Biography">About the author</a></li>
<li><a href="http://www.richardmccord.com/index.php?page=Credits">Credits</a></li>

The Javascript shown in my first post applied the Lavalamp to everything between the UL Menu tag.

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Alright. So how did it go? Was there some part of my post you didn't understand?

As I mentioned, simply replace the wordpress functions with whatever you're using to determine which page is loaded. Based on your markup above, I'm guessing it's $_GET['page']?

Actually now that I think about it a switch statement would probably be a better method of doing it.

switch ($_GET['page']) {
    case "designs": $lavastart = 2; break;
    case "opinions": $lavastart = 3; break;
    default: $lavastart = 1;

Then replace your jquery script with this:

$(function() {
   $('ul#menu').lavaLamp({ startItem: <?php echo $lavastart; ?>});

Yeah. That should work.

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