SimCity Deluxe for iPad Coming in November

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Slowly but surely, EA Mobile is porting its major hits to the iPad. If you happen to be a SimCity fan, rejoice, as the developer is currently working on a version for the iPad, called SimCity Deluxe HD. Scheduled to be released sometime next month, the game will include all the features available in the iPhone version, and will take advantage of the larger real estate offered by the iPad.

If you are not familiar with SimCity, the objective of the game is to build, design, and run a city. The player needs to find a good balance between commercial, industrial, and residential buildings, as well as roads, a healthy power grid, and many other items, in order to make the city thrive.

Like with all the other versions of the game, the player will face disasters including floods, tornadoes, fires, earthquakes and attacks by monsters. In addition, monsters and tornadoes will trigger train crashes by running into passing trains. Other disasters include lightning strikes, volcanoes, meteors and even attacks by UFOs.

The price of the game is still unknown, but should be similar to the price of other EA Mobile games for the iPad, usually less than $10.



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