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Surround Sound Bar

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+longgonebn    74

I am looking to get 2 separate surround sound bars. One for my HDTV and one for my computer.

Now before you say anything, yes I know it's no where near the quality and experience of actually having those 5.1 and 7.1 speaker systems. I get that.

What is the best options for a $400 or less system (each of course). And are there any made for PC's, or what are the ones that can work with a PC? Suggestions, ideas?

I found this one http://tinyurl.com/36fzvy3 which seems to be the more popular one for PCs. Are there better out there for PCs.


* also needs to work with music which has base, sound good enough. Read some reviews on some that said they basically don't work with music.

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Axel    95


I was in the same position recently. I wanted a system that was primarily for music but also to hook up to an HDTV based in a conservatory. I could have gone for the 5.1 system but couldnt really be bother with all the wires.

The best sounding soundbar setup I heard - even for music - was the Samsung HW-C470 which comes with a separate wireless sub and a wireless ipod docking station.

http://www.johnlewis.com/230997631/Product.aspx - you should be able to find this in Canada too?

Only problem I had with this system is that it wasn't particularly attractive.

In the end I went a bought a B&W Zeppelin which sounds absolutely phenominal! I use the aux 3.5mm mini TOSLINK input on the back from the TV, which is also getting a split HDMI feed from a PS3 (as a media centre) and a satellite TV box so this also acts as part of a multi room audio solution. On the other hand when I'm feeling lazy I can just stick my ipod touch or iphone into it.

http://www.johnlewis.com/230644976/Product.aspx (I highly suggest you get a demo of this!)

Hope I've offered some help :)


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