Cain Velasquez Prepares for Dos Santos, Names Fedor as Ideal Matchup

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With an unbeaten record and a championship belt strapped around his waist, Cain Velasquez is the primary target of nearly every fighter who competes as a heavyweight fighter.

Velasquez knows that Junior dos Santos is the first challenger heading his direction, but when recently asked about his ideal matchup, the UFC kingpin crossed promotional lines, naming one of the sport's greatest fighters of all time: Fedor Emelianenko.

"For me, I think Fedor," Velasquez said during question-and-answer session with fans last week. "I've always watched him as a fighter. I've always looked up to him. His overall size compared to the other guys, it seems he's always mismatched, but he always has a lot of power, he has good technique on the ground, so I would definitely love to fight him. I'm in this sport to fight the best. I want to fight the best guys in the UFC and the best guys everywhere else."

That matchup will of course not be likely anytime soon. Emelianenko is signed to Strikeforce, and Velasquez has Brazilian slugger Dos Santos prepping for his chance at gold.

Dos Santos (12-1) has won all six of his fights since joining the UFC, with four stoppages by KO or TKO, including one over Fabricio Werdum, the man who finally snapped Emelianenko's unbeaten stretch at 28 straight fights.

Considered by many to be the best boxer in the heavyweight division, Dos Santos presents a much different test than Velasquez's last opponent, the wrestling-based Brock Lesnar.

"He's got excellent stand-up, great boxing," Velasquez said. "The guy's got power, good takedown defense also. He poses a lot of threats."

That doesn't mean Velasquez will avoid standing with Dos Santos. Saying he has "the best coaches for stand-up," Velasquez said he has enjoyed the transition from his wrestling roots to a full-fledged mixed martial artist.

"I definitely want to stand up with him, use punches and kicks," he said. "If takedowns are there, take it, but if it's not, don't force it."

While Velasquez's Fedor comments might have annoyed a few UFC executives, they had to be smiling later on, when he admitted that he'd be willing to fight a teammate if the situation ever arose. Many others have flat-out refused the possibility, including his AKA teammates Jon Fitch and Josh Koscheck.

Meanwhile, the champ continues to await his date with Dos Santos. He's still missing a nickname, but when asked if he was now considered the baddest man on the planet after beating Lesnar, he smiled and turned down the offer.

"I don't consider myself the baddest man on the planet," he said. "That was Brock's name. We'll keep it with him."

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JDS is a dead set already, he isnt ready for a title shot. Fedor and his agents need to pull his head out his ass and sign with UFC, there are no other real worthy contenders according to Fedor's agents..

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