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Do you throw out your DVD cases and put the discs in a wallet?


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DaDude    51

Right now, my DVD collection is pretty extreme. I have at least 200-300 DVDs. I know that?s considered small over here, but in my small apartment, it takes up A LOT of shelf space. And this does not include my music CDs or the DVDs I burnt myself. These 200-300 DVDs consist of movies and A LOT of TV shows, especially classic shows.

Now, that my Blu-ray collection is growing, my shelf space is becoming very limited and untidy. I was thinking of taking my DVDs and putting them in a wallet. Think about it. My 200-300 DVDs, which take up two entire shelves, can easily fit in a couple of those CD/DVD wallets. But the thing is?.I hate throwing out DVD covers.

So, I?m curious to see what some of you guys do since I?m sure many of you own over 500 DVDs and over 200 BDs. Do you throw out your DVD covers and store your DVDs in a wallet to save shelf space?

P.S.- I?m not talking about Blu-rays. Only DVDs. Right now, I have no intention of doing this to my BDs since my Blu-ray collection is still rather small. It?s my DVD collection that?s a problem.

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ZakO    547

I've taken all my DVDs out, put them in a wallet and then stored the 300+ cases in boxes in the loft. I definitely wouldn't throw them out.

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+Thygod    19

I store the cases but put them in wallets. I use DVD Profiler to keep track of the collection and assign a collection number to each movie. I find it easier to organize than using alphabetical ordering as new purchases do not require me to reorganize the collection. I have, not counting TV Series, a little over a thousand movies. Numbering them makes it a lot easier to fond a movie quickly.

The dvd profiler allows you to have your collection online as well or on your iphone or ipad. That way, when you lose track of your collection in the middle of a movie buying binge you can make sure you do not have the movie already.

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