Gym Freaks in here? I need your help

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Hi guys, I'm a regular here mainly for reading - I post when I need help with something

I work an as Interactive Art Director and therefore Neowin is real helpful for me when it comes to internet related things - on the side I'm really into working out and I frequent a bodybuilding forum but I'd like to know if there are people like me on this forum, there has to be - who are regular gym goers

If there is I suggest can we make a sticky or an area for working out in the sports section of Neowin? Something like - A thread for Home made recipes for fitness related peeps and also questions and answers etc for help?

I don't like going to 1 forum just for bodybuilding help - and another for computer stuff - call me lazy ;p


I've been working out for 2 years now - my problem is, I am really bad with diet. I just don't understand it. So I might look in good shape but I'm not where I want to be as it is I don't eat right. I eat anything. Fast food etc

I need help - I don't know how to manage or make a meal for me. I'm happy with my body just for example, my lower abs don't come out or don't show. YOu see the faintly but I want to be ripped and I've been told I need to lose weight in the right way to achieve the look I want. I don't want to become "bigger" just very defined and ripped.

I'm looking to follow the program P90X from the new year

Any tips from people? I want the 6 pack and want the really ripped look

Attached is my current progress where I am at from yesterday - I want to use it as my benchmark



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look into "the primal blueprint" and mark's daily apple blog/forum by mark sisson and martin berkhan's blog

lyle mcdonald's bodyrecomposition site is also a crazy good resource for fat loss, diet, and training

the basic idea, i would say, is to eat low carb and moderate to high fat. lots of protein and a variety of fruits and vegetables. work out 3-4 times a week, or whatever you're doing cuz it looks like it's working, and do some high-intensity interval training (cardio)

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Diet plays the biggest part. This means making a big lifestyle change. Usually you need to make the food yourself in order to get the best food. What most people fail at is eating loads of bad (simple) carbs. These break down quickly and get stored as fat. Almost everything is made with simple carbs. Then there's drinking pop with all it's sugar and glucose/fructose...

Honestly, P90X is a great workout IF you are dedicated and already in fantastic shape. A lot of people hear it's good and say "I'm going to do P90X to get in shape!" and then stop working out after the first week or 2 because it is so hard for the average Joe. Tony Horton even says at the beginning of the first video that it is NOT meant for out of shape people. I don't know how fit you actually are, but aside from some excess stomach fat still lingering on me (I loast a LOT of weight this year), I am in the best shape of my life, including when I was younger and more active in sports. I still can not do his full workout routine, nor do I want to.

Personally, I have started doing suspension training with a TRX for the last couple of months and it has yielded me strength and balance far faster and better than I was ever achieving before. I would highly recommend it.

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Thanks Candy MAn

What's suspension training with a TRX?

Yea' I need to figure out my diet - I live alone as I moved from my parents due to a job in another country. Been a year alone and only now am I finding my way around the kitchen but I'm going to really try and go for the diet side because it's my drawback now. Just eating the right food

I want to be in a position by next summer to be in shape like how this guy is -

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TRX Suspension Trainer

There's other similar ones like the Vegas

and the USA (Universal Strength Apparatus) and it's new cheaper version, the USA Protege

From the looks of it, I would say you are mostly there in comparison to that guy. Remember though, everybody's muscles are different, so you might not ever look like him. Like me, for instance, I will never get huge arms, it's just not the way my musculature is. I would definitely do some research on what exactly you should be eating, and more importantly what you should NOT be eating. Some of the things might surprise you. For instance, any of the normal bread you buy, it's all crap. The orgranic stuff is much less refined and is good for you in small quantities - whereas bad breads are never good for you. Baked chips for instance are not actually as healthy as well made, simple chips. 1% and 2% milk is not really good for you because of the mogogynization. I get skim milk (0% fat) to get rid of it, but the best would be whole fresh milk.

I would also recommend taking a pre-workout drink before your workouts. There's too many befefits to doing so to list, and I can definitely vouch for their effectiveness. Unfortunately everybody reacts to different ones differently. For example, I love NaNo Vapor. It's the one I get the most benefit from. 1M.R. is supposed to kick ass, but it does absolutely nothing for me. I once tried a half dose of it and a half dose of NaNo Vapor to see how it worked - BAD IDEA. It felt like my heart was going to explode.

Also, take protein and good carbs after your workout within half an hour for the most absorption. This will be how to best prevent muscle decay and to increase protein absorption and muscle mass. Solid foods are best, but not always the most convenient. I always just take a meal replacement shake that has both protein and carbs.

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I think I need some P90x

I'm 80kg now

In my lower abs area I have a layer of fat around it - like many guys do

I need to remove this and I want the look where you can see my veins more, so I've been told I need to lose fat and lose fat % on me - sounds right to me...?

Going to go on a fat shredder diet until I'm as lean as I want to be - where I can see my lower abs

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