Frankie Edgar vs. Gray Maynard III up next

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Less than two hours after UFC executive Craig Borsari informed the media at UFC 125's post-event press conference that Anthony Pettis would get the next crack at the UFC's lightweight belt, UFC president Dana White had a change of heart.

White informed ( that the promotion will instead book Frankie Edgar vs. Gray Maynard III as soon as possible.

"We changed the plans," White told "After Craig made the announcement, I had a lot of people talking to me, and the reality is, Gray Maynard deserves that fight. We had planned on doing Anthony Pettis next, but Gray went in there and fought his ass off and deserves another chance.

"In the UFC, we do the right thing, and the right thing is to put on this rematch."

White first discussed the change of plans with Yahoo! Sports.

Maynard was absolutely dejected at the evening's post-event press conference, and his outlook worsened at Borsari's announcement.

"I worked my ass for this," Maynard said. "I guess it kind of hurts."

Edgar was nearly knocked out in the opening round of the main-event bout, which took place at the MGM Grand Garden Arena. After losing the round 10-8 on all three judges' scorecards, Edgar battled valiantly back for the remaining four frames.

The final four rounds were closely contested, and the fight was scored 48-46 Edgar, 48-46 Maynard, and 47-47, resulting in a draw. Because of the draw, Edgar retained his title.

After being informed that he would face Pettis next, even Edgar admitted he would prefer a third bout with Maynard, who handed the lightweight champion his only career loss back in 2008.

"I probably would (prefer to have a rematch with Maynard)," Edgar said. "To have a little more closure would be nice."

As for Pettis' next move, White said he's currently unsure. However, the UFC boss insisted he would figure it out as quickly as possible.

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That kind of really sucks for Pettis.

Another WEC guy gets stiffed in UFC 125. I don't think Josh Grispi will get his title shot at the FW title too.

Triple threat title match anyone? :rofl:

Ever seen Tag Team MMA? It's just like it sounds and it's awesome/awful.

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LOL ive always wondered, is there such a thing then? I have to see it..

It's absolutely retarded/awesome.

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Ha, no ****ing way, that looks ridiculous! What the hell submission is that at the end? This wont take off, its horrendous :laugh:

Strikeforce will probably be picking it up soon.

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