Looking for a new 5.1 speaker set for my computer

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So I'm currently using a really old (10+ years) Klipsch 5.1 set that has served me very well, but I think the receiver in the subwoofer is starting to go out, and the channels will randomly swap sometimes, or all audio will cut out except the subwoofer's base.

My cousin got me a 5.1 set and receiver from Pinnacle about 2-3 years back for my TV setup, so I hooked up those 5 satellite speakers to my current computer woofer (troubleshooting to isolate the problem as the subwoofer) and the problem persisted... I also noticed that they sounded WAY better than my old set. Let's just say my TV is now using my old Klipsch satellite speakers haha.

I reformatted and got a new sound card yesterday (parts of a large computer upgrade) and the issue is still persisting, so that rules the audio source out from being an issue.


So getting back on topic, I'm looking for a set of 5.1 computer speakers to replace my poor dying Klipsch set... but after coming out of my audio cave, I've found that the market for 5.1 computer speakers has pretty much become extinct. The only set I've found (with analog computer hookups in mind) that are for sale are the Logitech Z-5500's, and the hardcore audiophiles seem to disown it, saying it's not even worth $150, let alone the $300 they are asking.

So what do I do? I just replaced my Creative X-FI Fatal1ty (PCI) with a new Creative X-FI Titanium (PCI-E), and I don't know what to do for a speaker set. Everywhere I go, I see lots of great recommendations on speaker sets... but they all hook up to receivers. However most soundcards (save the X-FI Titainum HD) don't have RCA connectors, and the digital output on the card only sends out 2.1 signals in most cases.

The one set I wanted (Klipsch ProMedia Ultra) is discontinued, and there seem to be no other options with computer analog 5.1 hookups. I'm willing to spend a decent amount on a set (~$500 or less) that will last me, I don't want to blow $300 on a set I will be dissatisfied with.

TL:DR version

-I want a new 5.1 speaker set for my computer

-Sound card only has analog (green/black/orange) outputs; it has digital, but only supports 2.1

-Willing to spend up to ~$500

-Willing to piece together a system with different parts

Thanks for any help in advance, and if you need more information, I will gladly post more.

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