UEFA to ban clubs who overspend

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Arsenal have been held up as a shining example by Uefa as European football's governing body prepares to implement tough new financial restrictions.

From the 2011-12 season, clubs must break-even over a rolling three-year period or risk a possible ban from Uefa European competitions.

Uefa compared Arsenal's approach to that of clubs with super-rich owners.

"What model waits for a knight rider on a horse and then rides away?" said Uefa general secretary Gianni Infantino.

Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger's meticulous and sensible approach to spending has helped the north Londoners strengthen their finances over the last 10 years, as some of their rivals' own position has weakened.

Having moved to the Emirates Stadium in 2006, Arsenal now turn over more than £300m a year (including revenue from property sales) and made a pre-tax profit of £35m in 2009.

"Ten years ago Arsenal reported less income than Chelsea, Liverpool and Newcastle," Infantino added. "Now it is more than those clubs and in 2009 more than double Newcastle's.

"This shows what is possible with good management and careful investment."

Source: BBC for full story

Now if only the Premier League would adopt that rule as well then we might start seeing a fairer competition!

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Personally i think this is a witch hunt against the recent success the premiership sides have had in the European Cup. These are football clubs and the more they let accountants start running the game the less attractive it becomes. Agents should be top of the agenda when it comes to putting in new rules,

I`m sorry but if someone want`s to buy a club and invest his own money in it i don`t see the problem. On the other hand if said owner bundles the club with masses of debt (while still at the helm) that`s a different matter.

To me this will just cement the old establishment firmly in it`s place, i.e. the Champions League being won by Barcelona, Madrid, AC/Inter Milan, Bayern or one the prems big guns. These are the big marketing giants which UEFA wan`t to contest the latter stages, the advertisers would soon vanish if a bunch of non global teams where suddenly in the last eight!

These big clubs allready make the most money through merchandising so therefore it also applies that they will have the most to spend, the likes of Fulham and Bolton are never going to generate similar amounts.

Also what`s to stop an owner of a wealthy club buying a "special" shirt from the club shop for ?30 million as a way of making revenue?

It`s all well and good holding Arsenal up as a "How it should be done" model, but they forget that not every manager is as good as Arsene Wenger (allthough no trophy since 2005) and that Arsenal are the most expensive club to follow in the world and have very few native players.

I still like the idea of having at least 5 first team players derived from youth development, this way clubs would have to invest in creating talent internally...

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Good. Football should not be a spending competition, nor should football clubs be playthings of the rich and famous. I can only echo the comments that more needs to be done by the English FA in this arena

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