The Unfinished Swan Swims To PS3?

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This news comes to you via Google Translate, so apologies if what you are about to read is as twisted as a box of soapy frogs.

French site PlayFrance has uncovered a mystery game entitled 'The Unfinished Swan' which is being developed by, the apparently bird obsessed, Gaint Sparrow. The official site for the game has this in-no-way-usefuldescription:

The Unfinished Swan is a first-person painting game set in an entirely white world. Players can splatter paint to help them find their way through an unusual garden.

Those cunning fans of frog's legs at PlayFrance have noticed that a former employee of Giant Sparrow has recently posted his CV with the following information:

Past Employment:

3D Design and Animation

Giant Sparrow / Sony Computer Entertainment, Santa Monica, CA Oct-Nov 2010

Generate concept art, 3D animations in Maya, and models for Gamebryo game engine / PlayStation 3.

As Giant Sparrow only have one game in development, it seems logical that The Unfinished Swan is heading to PlayStation 3 via Sony. Check out the screenshots and tech demo below and then join me in a collective "Huh?"



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Was about to go looking for this tech demo video after reading the description saying it sounded like something I had seen before :laugh:

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I am damn sure this was announced quite a while ago. I remember the images and video.


Apologies, the tech demo states 2008 so it was a while ago :)


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I hope this is true. I saw the video for this a while ago, and I've been eager to see it released since. Obviously, I'd prefer to see it released on the PC, but the PS3 is better than nothing! :)

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