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Hi Guys,

Hoping that there may a few runners on here that can give me some advice.

After months of trying to get the motivation back into me I finally went for a short jog yesterday as I have became very very un-fit over the past few years not doing much physical activity other than my 1.5 mile walk to and from work everyday (not very vigorous exercise!).

What i found was towards the end of my jog as I was going along a path that was slightly angled down towards the road i found my ankle closest to the road wasn't staying straight and I was almost running right on outside of my foot which doesn't feel too good! It seems that I just loose strength in the calf and my ankle is struggling to stay straight.

I am hoping that it is just a strength problem and that running through the pain will strengthen up my legs and over time overcome the problem however I am worried that there may be a more serious problem there that may require something like a few sessions with a physio to try and sort out.

The other thing is I am using some VERY old running shoes that i was wearing for walking and that it could be due to the way I was walking has moulded the shoe so that my foot is pushed to that side and that some new running shoes may be needed.

Anyway any advice/thoughts would be appreciated

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Probably you wore your running shoes in a pattern that matches your stride, and now the sole is under compensating for that. A good shoe store should be able to fit you with a pair that matches the way your foot lands.

As someone who suffered with a badly sprained/torn ankle and various knee problems, I can say the best thing to do is squats and calf raises. Even at body weight, it helps condition your legs more than running will. Once you feel comfortable outside, try trail running. Getting your ankles to respond to varying terrain is a great way to keep them from tweaking.

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