Analog to Digital Audio?

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Basically I have a PA System I use for parties and such, and until now It's just been sorta sat in the corner being useless until these parties get started - it just has an analog output (Twin Phono). So I was thinking I could hook it up to my tv while it's doing nothing.

I've connected it to my TV via a Sky+HD box - that has analog input so that isn't a problem. However, my PS3 only has Optical. I'm assuming there is some sort of 'box' I'll need to convert the analog signal to a digital one with an optical output. I'm also assuming it's going to be quite expensive.

Am I on the right track here or is there a better way? I could just buy a digital audio system but if that ends up being a cheaper way of doing it I'd rather not do it at all if you know what I mean - I'm only doing this because it's there, it's not like I need it.

Anyway, thanks for any input!

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