What do you collect?

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haha brilliant!.


When i was little i use to collect alot of different things, from those big headed plastic football players you use to get out of teabag boxers. Football cards, and more importantly to me James Bond stuff, even had James Bond themed action men that never came out of the packaging, that was a true challenge for a 7 year old. Lately i collect all tickets to go watch local football team and pin them up on my wardrobe.

just being honest :rolleyes:

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Books (in digital format)

Music (in digital format)

Flagship Smartphones

Coins (US Specifically)

Arthurian related stuff (Coins, Necklaces, Stamps) from various countries

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Modern and vintage camera equipment, but mostly speciality & vintage cameras. All kinds:

Toy cameras

Instant cameras




Even a handful of point-and-shoots

Also, shoes. And clothes. And nail polish. And glitter. 'Cause I'm a chick, and junk.

And books. I've always dreamt of having my own library, someday, and started collecting when I was 5 or 6. I NEVER give a book away. Including all 4 years of college textbooks.

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I don't collect shoes, I just have a lot of them. Mhhh, I love shoes.

I collect a) teddy-bears (actually, my friends think I do and bring me tonnes of them from all around the world. can do nothing about it)

b) rubber ducks - this was my own idea. I've already got about 50 of them.

c) I wish I was able to collect money but I'm really bad at it.

d) band t-shirts.

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old coins, books, files on my computer, dust, parts to old computers i owned, soda cans / bottles, and shells

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computers, scale model cars 1:18, action figures (Halo, ME for now), porn (size does matter but it will get bigger), watches (have 1 mechanical Limousine Gaz-14), sometimes fat - have lost most of it, beer/wine - periodically as to not have kidney failure obviously and vitamins more obvious, have a bunch of cell phones in use or otherwise, ******** of dust and is ****ing me off and WIRES ... I do NOT want wires but every step I take there are wires, under desk, beside, in the kitchen, coming out of computer, beside computer, all over the f-ing place, in the bathroom ... none in the tub though (yet)

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Video Games Console and PC

Japanese Animation 

Japanese Manga

Books (the good old analogue kind)

Camera Lens (which no longer grows quickly)

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