Need help picking a receiver

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Ok - in the market for a new receiver. My main feature I am looking for network steaming functionality. I dont have great speakers that I need to push out a ton of watts per channel or anything like that.

I have looking at the following:

Onkyo TX-NR609 - $485

Onkyo 709 - $780


Onyko TX-NR808 - $795

I am really interested to know why there is such a huge jump between the 609 and 709 (almost $300) I see 10 more watts per channel and 2 more hdmi ports.

Any insight will be helpful... I am willing to spend the extra $$ if it that much better... thanks in advance.

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I am not sure of the difference, but just from checking out the 2nd more expensive one, 51% of people wind up buying the 1st less expensive one. So I think that says right there not much of a difference for the difference in price. but definitely worth seeing what others say.

Also, look at the back of each one, I would say the major differences are on the back...

609 BACK


709 BACK


Looks like 709 has 2 additional HDMI's, a complete different layout for the speaker wire, 1 additional Coax.

So unless you need all the extra connections, save yourself the $300, as the difference in wattage is going to hardily be noticeable, especially if you just have normal speakers.

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Onyko TX-NR808 - $795

this is $699.97 at amazon now

Edit: to your actual question. the extra price is for the extra input/output port behind the receiver.

Onkyo 709 and Onyko TX-NR808 has the more or less the same number of port so they are priced similar.

Onkyo TX-NR609 has less ports so they are priced less.... If you are looking for the pricey one with more ports i would go with Onyko TX-NR808 since the price went down now.

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It is Onyko.. You can't wrong with any of them!

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