Ethernet MKV player

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Hi all,

Ive got a media pc downstairs and a few nas drives, i want to be able to play media upstairs, so i want an ethernet player with hdmi that i can connect upstairs to watch films via the nas drive

as cheap as possible,


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Roger H.

If you can get the WD Live players in the UK then get those as they do MKV and every other container/format out there :) I'll be getting one too for that purpose.

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I got one of the original Acer Revo Nettop's when they were about ?140ish, installed XBMC Live and have never looked back. Cheapest Revo I can find now is ?180 ish.

It looks like Acer do some dedicated set top box for media playing now, see the Revo RV100 on Ebuyer. Cant honestly say if thats any good though.

An Apple TV running XBMC would do this for around ?90. I dont think it will play 1080p content however (could be wrong, I dont own one).

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