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Hope you guys don't mind me pimping my new game.

I'm sure by name alone, most of you know what this app is all about. It is a party game where one person has a phrase in front of them, and they have to get their team members to guess the phrase, without spelling it out, using a word from the phrase, etc. If the buzzer sounds when your team has the phone, then the opposing team is awarded a point.

Very fun game when you have a few friends all sitting around with nothing better to do. Sure beats paying $20 for the big plastic one Hasbro makes.

As far as I know, all bugs have been squashed, but please let me know if you find something wrong, or have a suggestion.Feedback is much appreciated! You can do that here, or in app.

Check it out: Zune.net - Other

Some pictures:





About screen


Custom Team Names


Win Screen


Phrase Category

And for those who like video, a demo of the game in action -

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Version 1.2 is now available in the marketplace.

+ Added hundreds of phrases to the the thousands already in the catalog

+ Added a confirmation dialog upon back button hit (requested by a customer)

+ Fixed other minor issues

Please, please, please rate our app, and if you have any features that you think would be cool to add, just write it in your review, or right here. We appreciate and value feedback, which is why we took a good suggestion, and worked it into the latest update.


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