$1500 bounty offered for HP TouchPad Android port

Now that the HP TouchPad is so cheap and it's getting into many users' hands, the Android port for the platform is moving full steam ahead. However, this is not quite quick enough for some users, with HacknMod.com offering a $1500 bounty for a fully functional Android port to the device. 

The prize is broken up into five parts, with a basic Android port scoring the winner $450, if they are able to get WiFi working they receive an additional $350, functional Audio scores another $300 and so on. Stores around the world are selling out of the devices as they are dropped to $99 for the 16GB version, a discount of $400 at least.

Over on XDA-Developers, a user has offered $500 for a working Android port as well, so the prospects are looking good for those who have the skills and a few TouchPads at their disposal. The device is perfect for running Android, sporting a 1.2GHZ CPU with 1GB of Memory, meaning many users are hopeful that they'll see Honeycomb (or even Ice Cream Sandwhich) in the near future.

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