Jimmy Kimmel declares "national unfriend day" on Facebook


Jimmy Kimmel, a late night ABC host, ended his "national unfriend day", where Internet users would look through their Facebook friends and unfriend anyone they were no longer friends with.

The day is pretty self explanatory, but Jimmy Kimmel hopes that Facebook users would take the time to sit down and go through their friends list, unfriending people they are no longer friends with. The late night talk show host announced the event earlier this month and kicked off the ending celebrations tonight on national television.

The late night talk show host is known for starting catchy Internet trends including the "double rainbow" guy, numerous Lost parodies and even starred in the Call of Duty: Black Ops commercial. Kimmel announced that he wanted everyone to "trim their friend fat" on Facebook, removing friends you were no longer friends with.

The Internet trend started off as part of his late night talk show, but it quickly caught on to Twitter under the #nationalunfriendday hashtag, and was even featured on national television.

Facebook has not responded to the event, nor have they announced, and likely never will, any significant changes in friends on the social networking website.

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