New Microsoft video shows a man lurking inside a copier

Microsoft sometimes takes an offbeat approach in its marketing campaigns. One of the more recent examples is the Internet Explorer "Browser You Love to Hate" effort. This week, Microsoft launched another such campaign that is designed to show the dangers of downloading and using counterfeit software on the Internet while at work.

The campaign includes a video, shown above, where workers at an office are carrying out simple tasks such as storing data on a USB drive, downloading software or even making copies at the office copier. The video shows that these simple threats can lead to bad consequences, using an actor who is supposed to be a symbol for internet hackers spying on these workers.

The actor is seen hiding inside the office in various locations, including inside the copier. The idea is that workers should be aware that counterfeit and pirated software that is downloaded and used by businesses could be detrimental to the organization, including through digital theft or the loss of important data. It can even lead to identity theft if a copier that runs counterfeit software takes information from its workers.

In a Microsoft blog post, the company said that 24 percent of PCs that run some kind of counterfeit software either download malware immediately or proceed to download and install the software once connected to the Internet. Microsoft has set up a website called How To Tell that gives businesses information on how they can find out if the software they are running is legitimate and how to report counterfeit software to the company.

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