would rather give clients a new PC than support IE7

Microsoft is now on the 11th version of its Internet Explorer browser, but there are still a number of people who are still using older versions of IE to surf the Internet. That includes IE7, which was first released in 2006.

Many websites, such as Twitter, have already ended support for IE7, and now there's word that one such site is offering to help its customers who are still using the older browser graduate to a newer version in an unusual way., a Seattle-based company that helps hospitals and other medical facilities hire nurses, recently launched a new site design that's been made to take advantage of the features supported in more modern web browsers, along with better mobile and tablet support.

In a blog post, the company stated that IE7 users still make up 1.22 percent of their overall traffic and while it knows that percentage will continue to decline, it also says some of its users are stuck with Microsoft's older browser. So to get around this issue, they came up with an idea that they though at first was crazy "but now makes a lot of sense"

Simply put, IE7 users of are eligible to get a brand new PC with a more advanced web browser. The blog states, "We determined that it would cost us more to support a browser from 2006 in 2014 and beyond than it would to help our clients upgrade their legacy hardware."  They added, "We want to make sure all our customers are well served by our new product and we are serious about making this right if our ceasing to support IE7 becomes an inconvenience."

While other browsers such as Google's Chrome and Mozilla's Firefox have been set up to automatically update to new versions every few weeks, Microsoft has not offered that same kind of support for IE across the board. As a result, IE8, which was first released in 2009, remains the world's most used web browser, according to Net Applications.

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