Spec details of Microsoft's new Surface Pro 4 reportedly revealed

A few weeks ago, Microsoft unveiled the Surface 3, a more affordable alternative to its flagship Surface Pro 3 tablet, which it launched last year. It's pretty much inevitable that the Pro 3 will be replaced this year, but details about the next-gen device have so far been thin on the ground.

The new tablet is said to be similar in many ways to the Surface Pro 3 (shown here)

But Chinese site 36kr.com claims to have some info on the new Surface Pro 4 - not a complete list of specs, by any means, but a range of insights that apparently shed some light on what Microsoft has planned for the new device.

You may be relieved to hear, for example, that Microsoft isn't planning to use an Intel Core M processor in the Pro 4, but rather fifth-generation (Broadwell) Intel Core i-series CPUs. More interestingly, the device is said to feature a completely fanless design, albeit with 'tiny holes' to allow heat to dissipate from within.

The new tablet is also rumored to be thinner (but not lighter) than the Pro 3, but it will share many features with its predecessor, including near-identical battery, ports and kickstand. Microsoft has previously indicated that it would ensure compatibility of accessories like its Type Cover 3 and Docking Station with future generations of the Pro, so this certainly seems credible.

The Surface Pro 4 will reportedly feature a fanless design, unlike the Pro 3 (shown here)

The display on the new device is reportedly 12-inches with 2160x1440px resolution - identical, on paper at least, to the current model, although it's not yet clear if Microsoft has made any improvements, or if it is actually the same display panel. However, the report also seems to leave the door open for other size options beyond the familiar 12-inch model.

Daniel Rubino, editor-in-chief over at Windows Central, said that he had spoken to the author of the article, who assured him that the source was trustworthy and reliable. Rubino added that "there is more known behind the scenes here" than can currently be shared publicly, but combined with the broad credibility of the information - nothing described here is particularly 'out there', unlike many rumors that come our way - it seems that the information may well be accurate.

However, it's always worth sounding a note of caution when it comes to rumors - nothing will be set in stone until Microsoft formally announces the device (and we know from past experience that even drastic changes can be made right up to the last minute). So for now, take these details with a pinch of salt - and be sure to share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

Source: 36kr.com via Windows Central

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