Three sources chime in on Windows Phone 8, painting a similar picture

Get out your speculation buckets, toss a bit of salt over your shoulder and sit down for a tale that has a bit of logic to it that could be the road that Microsoft is taking forward with Windows Phone. The information comes from MSnerd who has a track record of providing insider information and he is claiming that Microsoft will deliver Windows Phone 8 to current device but the path forward is actually a Windows Phone based on the RT platform.

The small bit of information states that the new generation of devices will be based on the Windows RT platform and will utilize a different chip-set than the phones we see on the market today. 

The information is not as cut and dry as it seems though as Wmpoweruser is claiming that Windows Phone 8 will not come to current gen devices with a post penned today. But, what they are saying is that the Windows RT framework will come to current gen devices and this will allow for Windows Phone 8 applications to run on current generation devices.

These two sources appear to be conflicting each other but if you dig a bit deeper, it looks like they are actually saying something similar. Our take is that there is a loss of communication and terminology as the information gets diluted as it makes its way public. It would seem that Windows Phone 8 will be based on RT and that another variation of Windows Phone 7.X will be released that will incorporate the RT framework on to the current platform as suggested by MyNokiaBlog. 

So what we get is that Windows Phone devices on the market today will see an upgrade that makes them compatible with future Windows Phone 8 devices by giving the platform an RT framework. The version of the current platform will go from 7.5 to 7.7(rumored) and an all new Windows Phone 8 variant will roll out (Apollo) but all applications will be compatible thanks to a Windows RT framework for 7.7.

Stick around, June 20th is right around the corner and this picture should become a lot more clear as Microsoft gears up for its developers conference. 

Sources: WMpoweruser | Twitter | My Nokia Blog

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