Upload videos of your skills and workplaces to try and get jobs with new LinkedIn video

Professional social networking site LinkedIn has just added something it calls LinkedIn video to its service, and people have been flooding it with videos showing off their skills and workplaces.

The feature is available to both Android and iOS users, but it might not be available to all of LinkedIn members yet. If the feature has been rolled out to your iOS device, you can utilize it by clicking on the share box at the top of the feed. If you use an Android device, click on the post button and then tap on the video icon.

A user can record a live video, or upload something that they prepared earlier. The feature appears to offer all of the things you usually expect from a video-sharing platform, such as the ability to see likes, comments, and the numbers of views. But users can also track the audience that has been watching their videos and be told important details about them; for instance, they can see which company, location, or job title that another person who watched their video has. This is useful if people searching for jobs want to make sure that the videos they make are getting to the right people.

Microsoft is the owner of LinkedIn and it appears to be adding a number of new features to LinkedIn lately, as it also announced earlier this month that it would be integrating Samsung's virtual assistant Bixby with the service. Now that Google has formally launched a rival to LinkedIn, that goes by the name of Hire, these kinds of updates and new features to stay ahead of the competition are probably going to be crucial.

Source: LinkedIn

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