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Posted 02 August 2014 - 16:24

There is nothing "Routine" about hitting a drug house.


Simple fact is, in cases like this, it IS combat. This way is proven to be the safest and most effective way to do it. Did it get messed up this time? Yep.. But if they did it the normal way he'd still have got shot in the face after he kocked and shouted search warrant. This type of entry has been used for at least the last decade, probably better part of the last two, and has been shown to be safer than the normal way for ALL parties. Cops have less chance of getting shot, and the criminals get caught unaware, and without time to react. Far far better than a bloody shootout every time you want to hit a drug house.


What a bunch of hyperbole.  Do you write that assumption laden fan fiction yourself or are you going to cite a source?  It clearly hasn't been safer for many innocent and guilty residents, their children disfigured by flashbangs, their pets, or their property.


Is not your usage of the term 'drug house' just a code word for urban poor, colored neighborhoods?  I'm pretty sure they never do in 'drug houses' like mine cause whites in the suburbs won't stand for it and we deal and use way more drugs than in the city.


The normal way as in walking up to the front door, knocking, waiting for the tenant, showing the warrant, and then executing a search as they would for all other warrants - like say murder?  I guess that's just too practical and polite for US urban 'soldiers'.