Use your butt as a car key

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A research organization in Tokyo has invented a scanner that reads the driver's backside and refuses to start the car if it doesn't match the butt of the owner. Will the technology sweep the world?


Kodak Designs New CMOS Sensor

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Eastman Kodak Company revealed today in a press release that it has created the world’s first 1.4 micron, 5 megapixel device, the KAC-05020 Image Sensor. Using significantly smaller pixels, this sensor enables a higher level...

Wireless BBQ Temperature Sensor

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I figured we could use a little lighter news as well today. This little guy can help those that are "BBQ Challenged." =) I am the ultimate (no nothing to do with Vista) meat and...

New GBA WarioWare title to use motion sensor

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The next handheld WarioWare game will use a built-in sensor rather than the Game Boy Advance D-pad to gauge movement, according to reports from retailers who attended Nintendo's most recent retailer briefing in Japan this...

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