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  2. Wonder how many cities Russia and China leveled with nukes. Also kind of curious to know the number of illegal wars they have going on right now. How many coups? How many military bases? How many civilian deaths? How many brainwashed fools spouting propaganda... Now don't get me wrong, China is no saint but to think the US is the good guy here is just crazy, they are just as bad, the only real difference is that China is more up front about what it does whereas the US is more sneaking in trying to pretend to be the good guy but a lot of it's actions are anything but good. Don't get me wrong, I don't like a lot of actions that the Chinese government does but to think the US doesn't do a lot of ###### around the world is only for the people that have blinkers on their eyes. That was the point I was trying to make. We aren't saints, so just flat out calling someone evil kind of implies that you think we are good or benevolent. Outside of our propaganda curtain, we are rarely seen as the good guys. Good guys don't stage illegal wars. They don't need false flag attacks. It's just not a thing they do. If you believe otherwise you probably steeped a bit too long in the Kool-Aid. See, at least we can agree on this. I guess from my view, those calling out countries like China or Russia know that their own government isn't perfect (far from it). In fact, I've never met a person on the western hemisphere who loves their government, aside from Canadians perhaps (lovely country). So the implication that aka2k was saying the US is some sort of sainthood was a bit of a stretch to me, especially without knowing his nationality. For example, just ask many Vietnamese how they feel about China and you might get a similar response. This is exactly the reason why you don't speak for someone else. Notice my comment was full of questions. That was intentional. My goal was to figure out why he/she believes China is "pure evil". People who use statements like that are usually misguided. You went full meltdow-defensive mode, and quite honestly that's a bad sign. Not looking to engage with that kind of mentality (not over the net anyway). I'm glad you chose to agree with me on something, but it's not a requirement. Everything that's been written is purely because you made a poor assumption that he implied the US is good. Again, ask any other Asian country what they think of China. Go ask the literal millions in Hong Kong protesting over extradition to China. At the end of the day, you've said nothing other than to agree with aka2k's statement, whilst trying to include other countries to your definition of what is evil. If that's the best argument you can make for China not being evil, then you've wasted your time here. We're well aware that other evils exist in the world. Just like you choosing to donate to a cause like poverty or scientific research, we all pick a battle to fight. Again, you seem to think that I care what your point of view is. Wasn't talking to you, don't care what you think. How many ways do you need me to say this? You are not relevant here, I didn't engage in your stupidy for a reason. Move along. No, you just pulled a bunch of crap out your bum, then turn away when someone calls you out on it. It's not my opinion that you made an assumption, that's just a fact. If you don't care to engage, it's as simple as not posting. Try it sometime before you "engage in stupidy" as you put it. Stubborn and stupid. Why don't you go make some more excuses for atrocities? Seems you're good at it. Your first response to me was enough for me to know what kind of idiot I was dealing with. It's hilarious that when I pointed out the wrongs that we do your first reaction was to make excuses. The "they do it too" line was something I'd expect from a child (obviously what you are). What actually has me curious is how exactly did you expect anyone to engage in a meaningful conversation with you after your first response. Lobbing ad-hominem attacks and all that jazz. Perhaps you should spend more time learning social skills and leave the geopolitics alone. Good day. Oh look, more insults while you talk about "social skills". lol, grow up kid. @redfish, it's completely sad that people are ignoring all of that too. At best, the only arguments made here are that the "US is not good", a point which no one argued against. We all know the US government isn't good, that's what we debate in and out each day. Still, it's better than many others, especially when people come here to escape conflict. Hell, the whole argument against the Trump administration is that he's denying people their pursuit of freedom by stopping illegal immigration to the US. So, did you actually expect to have a conversation or just derail the conversation? You know, because this is a very common tactic among people like you. Your entire response to me was just a strawman. You should send your resume to the CIA, you'd fit right in. Followed the manual to the letter. Good boy. Again, nobody was talking about the US as if they were a saint, and you did it with so much ambiguity that it literally took someone else to explain your position better than you could. Now you're just mad regurgitating words like "straw man" when the best thing you've done thus far is argue that other countries are evil as if that means China is less evil. You also have discounted any mention of the evil things China has done, trying to frame the argument about the US. See where the derailing begins here? If you want to talk US politics, then yeah man, we can sit and talk about government corruption, NSA/CIA oversteps, financial overspending, and the works, but none of that has anything to do with China, nor does it mean that we can't be against both at the same time.
  3. tomcoleman

    Gabe Aul leaves Microsoft for Facebook

    LOL - i think your meant to flip those companies around.
  4. Google beta tests offline saving option for third-party files on Drive by Jay Bonggolto Google is expanding the offline saving capability of its Drive cloud storage service, at least for G Suite organizations for now. The search giant has started beta testing a new feature of Drive that allows you to save non-Google files like PDFs, images, and Microsoft Office documents offline for later use when an internet connection becomes spotty, for example. It should be noted that Drive already provides this option for Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides files. With the latest beta feature, you can take all your files with you and access them on the fly even without connecting to the web, which is often a requirement for opening files stored in the cloud. Applications for the beta program are currently ongoing and eligible users can use it only when they're using Drive on Chrome. However, the feature does not currently work on Chrome OS, though Google says it's working to change that in the future. To get started with the new feature, simply enable the offline option in the Drive or Docs settings and sign in to your account associated with your G Suite organization. You'll then be able to access the Drive File Stream and mark the non-Google files for offline availability.
  5. They'd said center core recovery was 50/50 at best given the hot trajectory, and the final two burns and DSX deployment went as expected, so that's it.
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  7. I developed for the old Symbian and WinCE/PPC/WM (Microsoft really likes to play with names). It was horrible. At the peak, developers earned 20% while the merchant earned the rest 80%. Programming for VB was funny, it works, it was fast and easy but it was the main pro.
  8. Or use your brain and stay away from shady apps.... There are anti-malware apps, also. There is malware on every platform.
  9. They did? How do you know this? They know crocodile tears very well
  10. Paul1979UK

    Huawei's Watch GT has sold more than two million units

    Why? Mainly because I thought these smart watches ware useless when you had to charge them up everyday and that after a year or so would likely get worse, it wasn't good enough but if they can do 1 week, that changes a lot and makes smart watches far more useful to me. I think they are useless, screens are far too small. But if that what people want then so be it, myself i will still stick with my cheap casio watch. The screen size looks fine to me, beside, this isn't like a replacement for our smartphones, it's more to relay information quicker to us from our phones so it's got many useful uses. I know it is not a replacement for our smart phones, since it still need a smart phone to work. Not sure how it can relay information quicker to us, unless you mean quicker because you only have to lift your wrist up instead of taking the phone out of your pocket. Smartwatches are a more nature viewing angle for us to see information then a smartphone that we have to keep taking out of our pocket, there is a lot of information that we could want on the fly and smartwatches are good for that. An example is for fitness training, say you are going for a run and want to see how far you've got or what speed you are going at, with a smartwatch, you only have to glance at it to see the results.
  11. It ended up well anyway. Now we have a good mix of various competing ecosystems that need the freedom to interoperate and require compatibility with each other. We also have different top tier service providers to choose from that work across the various platforms. We can sync and manage various devices and take our work across them. I think we ended up in a decent place and it could have been much more restrictive and limiting from the engineer, developer, and consumer's points of view. I think if MS had been more consistent and persistent and focused more on compatibility and support they could have been a contender in the mobile space and then we would have had more choice. Instead they kept trying to reinvent and relaunch and they sacrificed their base each time.
  12. Copernic

    Bandizip 6.23

    Bandizip 6.23 by Razvan Serea Bandizip is a lightweight, fast and free All-In-One Zip Archiver. Bandizip has a very fast Zip algorithm for compression & extraction with Fast Drag and Drop, High Speed Archiving, and Multi-core compression. It handles the most popular compression formats, including Zip, 7z, Rar, and so on. Compression and Extraction: Zip(z01), ZipX(zx01), TAR, TGZ, LZH, ISO, 7Z(7z.001), and EXE(e01) Extraction Only Only: RAR(part1.rar, r01), ACE, AES, ALZ, APK, ARJ, BH, BIN, BZ, BZ2, CAB, EGG, GZ, J2J, JAR, IMG, IPA, ISZ, LHA, LZMA, PMA, TBZ, TBZ2, TGZ, TLZ, TXZ, UDF, WAR, WIM, XPI, XZ, and Z. Other features: Support Unicode to display international characters which displays for filenames in archives Bypass files that don't compress well using the "High Speed Archiving" function Extract the files to the destination folder directly by "Fast Drag & Drop" function Create self-extracting files (.EXE) and multi-volume (split) archives Optional archive encryption using ZipCrypto and AES 256 Context Menu access including "Preview Archive" function Create or extract multiple zip files simultaneously from windows explorer Free to use at both home and in the office Bandizip 6.23 changelog: Added support for GARBLE algorithm of ARJ format Added support for obfuscated-deflate algorithm of ALZ format Added support for HTTP Proxy when you update manually Fixed a bug where some damaged ISO files cannot be opened Fixed a bug where file time information of specific ISO is not handled correctly Fixed a bug where Bandizip cannot open SFX(RAR, LZH, ARJ) files that are compressed in DOS Some minor bug fixes Download: Bandizip 6.23 | 6.2 MB (Freeware) Download: Portable Bandizip 32-bit | Portable Bandizip 64-bit | ~4.0 MB Download: Bandizip for Windows XP (Bandizip 5.x) | Bandizip for OSX | ~4.0 MB View: Bandizip Home Page Get alerted to all of our Software updates on Twitter at @NeowinSoftware
  13. ffm76600

    Thunderbird 68.0 Beta 2

    Like Firefox, the 68.0 will be the future ESR. So yes, it will be the final version. I hope !
  14. More blatant, how? As for the cameras, I wouldn’t worry; they are run-of-the-mill Sony sensors. There are just four of them and they have excellent software for it. Any OEM can reproduce it, for a price. Speaking of the camera, does anyone remember when Huawei allowed users on some laptops to flip the camera down so it was imposable for the camera to spy on us, I remember the US government not being happy about that. So Huawei was making it easier for us to prevent governments from spying on us and the US government makes a fuss about it, makes you wonder who the real governments that are spying on us.
  15. It had the potential to dominate the mobile domain, esp in developing regions of the world on account of the simplicity of the platform. Biggest reason it failed was it achieved Feature Parity with Android too late in the game. It was already in catch-up mode and by not bringing basic feature which had existed in Symbian era (early to mid 2000s) it basically was a farce. Like Bluetooth sharing, this feature alone would have meant WP would have gained more traction in places in Asia. Such incompetence. They just didn't care. Mobile was growing pretty well until Nadella came in.
  16. I think the US are trying hard to stop them from implementing 5G in the UK because they would like to sell us US infrastructure instead. I'm just thinking, if in the countries that Huawei 5G is being deplored and we see no evidence of spying from China on this, it could look really bad on the US as they've shown no evidence of wrong doing with Huawei. Too many people take the word of a government that is a proven liar and for me, so far I see no evidence of wrong doing so I don't see why I should not buy from Huawei.
  17. 1for-matik

    Thunderbird 68.0 Beta 2

    Like Firefox, the 68.0 will be the future ESR. So yes, it will be the final version.
  18. Being concerned about data slurping apps whilst using Android. What's the point when that's the whole reason for Android. Sure, you can point at malicious apps, but what difference does that make when the OS itself is malicious.
  19. It's not the only mistake Microsoft made, Microsoft was in the perfect position to be what Steam is to PC gamers now and could have dominated browsers like Chrome does if they ware not so controlling like they ware with Internet Explore. I remember Microsoft doing those Ipaq years before Android and IOS and they could have more or less been what Android is now if Microsoft was more bold and open. 3 big areas that I can think of that Microsoft really messed up and mostly by trying to control everything. They also almost messed up it's rep with PC gamers but are starting to turn that around. Anyway, the irony in all this is that Google have become what Microsoft was which is ironic as Google used to fight them based on that and now Google becomes that and the moral of that story is to not trust any company, especially when they get too big as they rarely put consumers intrest first.
  20. Nokia finishes serving Pie with low-end Nokia 1 by João Carrasqueira It's been a long journey, but today, Nokia announced that the last of its eligible phones for the Android Pie upgrade, the Nokia 1 running Android Go, is getting the update today. The announcement was made by CPO Juho Sarvikas on Twitter. The Nokia 1 was released at the start of 2018 as one of the company's cheapest smartphone models, and it's one of HMD Global's few phones to run the Go edition of Android Oreo. The Nokia 2.1 was the only other model to run it, and the recent Nokia 1 Plus already came with Android Pie out of the box. The Go edition of Android Pie includes some of the same changes as the regular version of Pie does over Android Oreo, like the redesigned look for many of the components of the UI. It also includes some Go-specific enhancements, such as a more compact install size for the system, leaving more space for the user's files, and faster boot times. With this release, HMD Global has completed its rollout of Android Pie just in time for Android Q to begin making its way to users. Just as it did last year, Nokia is one of the smartphone makers to be part of Google's beta program for Android Q, with the Nokia 8.1 likely being the first of its phones to be updated to the upcoming version of Google's operating system.
  21. dancing with ballmer at the windows 95 launch was his biggest mistake
  22. Well if my contacts can still see my phone number after setting it to "Nobody" in "Who can see my phone number", something is broken. you cannot stop your OS to share your phone.
  23. ffm76600

    Thunderbird 68.0 Beta 2

    Do you know if the 68.0 is a "final" version or we have to wait the 69.0/70.0 ?
  24. patseguin

    Server Advice

    Yeah, my thoughts exactly. I figured since I've been building and configuring PC's for years, I could configure a "simple" server. I was following this guide: But ran into that error. Should I try that web based config tool that it offered me to download? I'm not sure if or how I can undo by DNS config, just so I can start all over...
  25. Or you could buy a professional oven for half its price.
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