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  2. majortom1981

    Hands on with the Surface Hub 2S

    This is way too expensive. you can get a laptop and a samsung flip for cheaper. I can get a LH65QBHRTBC/GO and laptop for cheaper also . I work at a library and we already have the LH65QBHRTBC/GO . I am looking for another one maybe smaller but the surface hub 2 is way to expensive considering I can get the Samsung flip for cheaper which also switches from vertical to horizontal.
  3. Thanks again to everyone doing the $2000 beta test.
  4. Sorry (not sorry) but I have to agree with others - this is too expensive. Should have been $200 or lower.
  5. A way for them to harvest data they could not do with Cortana. Data and information is thanks.
  6. Is there any information on how many total registered users there are with FaceBook?
  7. As far as I'm aware they have no security in place what-so-ever. They have mobile authentication through the app Google Authenticator. Which most people don't or won't use because it's a third party program. Is bit like Authy, Yandex Key or Microsoft Authenticator. As far as I know, Authenticator imo works just as fine. But maybe Epic don't have "enough" security? As for the exclusive part, yeah. The gaming community is tanked with Epic throwing Fornite money to publishers.
  8. All the sync'ing should come in order before they're ready to release the first beta I'd say. After that we should start to see them adding bigger features in.
  9. George P

    Official Xbox E3 2019

    The specs will be told for sure, more or less. To what detail though we don't know. Like what Sony just did, 8 core, but what speed? New GPU, but what are it's specs? All still unknown, they don't want the other to out do them. The fact we're getting info on things before E3 at all is interesting. Makes me wonder what they're going to show us even more now.
  10. Yeah! They just rushed through since the latest iPad Pros were already bending. Except of course Samsung can't even get an actual, bending phone right. They tended to bend when the batteries exploded
  11. Skiver

    Official Xbox E3 2019

    I'm not sure they have to be able to physically show off the next Gen Xbox physically though in order to "beat" Sony. They certainly do have to announce and confirm the spec's though. I actually think the two different level consoles is a really smart move from MS, they've probably seen a lot of data between who stuck with an OG XB1, who upgraded to an S and who upgrade to an X. I suspect they may get a lot more day one sales compared to the OG Xb release as it was above their price range.
  12. You don't "accidentally" come across pr0n. If you're searching Bing or Google on a computer with safe search set to off and you enter some terms with double meaning, you could come across porn without meaning to. Simple, don't let your kids use safe search set to off? Why do we need govt to help us raise our kids?
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  14. Yeah! They just rushed through since the latest iPad Pros were already bending. Except of course Samsung can't even get an actual, bending phone right.
  15. Says the guy who says he'll buy whatever nonsense Apple comes out with as soon as there's a news article on it. If the fold had a nice shiny Apple logo on it, you'd be first in line.
  16. Copernic

    Kodi 18.2 RC1

    Kodi 18.2 RC1 by Razvan Serea Kodi (formerly known as XBMC), is an award-winning free and open source cross-platform software media player and entertainment hub for digital media for HTPCs (Home theater PCs). Its graphical user interface (GUI) allows the user to easily browse and view videos, photos, podcasts, and music from a hard-drive, optical disc, local network, and the internet using only a few buttons. Kodi can be used to play almost all popular audio and video formats around. It was designed for network playback, so you can stream your multimedia from anywhere in the house or directly from the internet using practically any protocol available. Use your media as-is: Kodi can play CDs and DVDs directly from the disk or image file, almost all popular archive formats from your hard drive. Kodi will scan all of your media and create a personalized library complete with boxcovers, descriptions, and fanart. There are playlist and slideshow functions, a weather forecast feature and many audio visualizations. Once installed, your computer will become a fully functional multimedia jukebox. Kodi 18.2 RC1 changelog: See Download: Kodi 18.2 RC1 (32-bit) | 58.0 MB (Open Source) Download: Kodi 18.2 RC1 (64-bit) | 60.1 MB Download: Windows Store Links: Kodi Home Page | Kodi for Android Get alerted to all of our Software updates on Twitter at @NeowinSoftware
  17. No wireless charging, definitely no water resistance, moving parts (selfie cam), Samsung style edge display, no jack ... still, half way high refresh screen. To say that my interest has waned since the initial rumours is an understatement. I see a phone with a lot of things I don't care for, that is missing things I'd rather have. As long as I pay more with each new device I might was well pay for the things I want.
  18. Its one of those amazing non answers, because the government does not have the balls to tell parents to actually raise their children correctly. That's not it at all, we all know why this is being introduced and it has nothing to do with 'protecting children' and is all about being able to have unlimited power to block sites which do not align with the government's interests. Remember that GCHQ is a specialist in 'media control' i.e. spreading propaganda
  19. It's a pile of junk. There was nothing wrong with skype 7, skype 8 brings a horrible colour scheme, stupid 'reactions', a huge performance hit on every OS, lots of feature removals and best of all, forced updates - on skype 7 and previous, you could use that version for a long time, even if updates were available you could keep using that older version, well skype 8 breaks this and forces you to download the update every time (and because skype 8 is a god awful web app and doesn't have a differential upgrade, every update contains the full web browser yet again so is 40MB+). The team that created skype 8 should be fired and the software should be binned.
  20. Love the fanbois backing up Samsung even on this one... Nobody is ready to release a folding phone, Samsung just wanted the glory of innovation and some people paid 2k for it.
  21. using sms is stupid. Even google is trying to get it replaced with the RCS protocol
  22. Who in their right mind though it was acceptable to ask for a users email password to verify an account then upload all their contacts. As ever nothing will happen other than a small smack on the wrist - until somebody starts to do proper jail time these data thieves will continue to get away with it.
  23. I'm still waiting for someone to tell me why they are a good idea. Maybe I'm missing something, but this looks like a product created just to show off the screen technology. 'hey, we know how to bend a screen so we've come up with this'
  24. Microsoft Edge for Android will sync more data with the Chromium-based Edge by Jay Bonggolto Earlier this month, Microsoft's Chromium-based Edge previews went live for everyone on Windows 10 only. However, the full set of unique features of Edge is yet to be brought over to the new version of that browser. Now, Microsoft says it is working on adding new capabilities to Edge for Android that will allow users to sync more content and data with the new Edge on PCs. The software giant promises to roll out those capabilities in the coming months, which will let people sync their passwords, auto-fill, open tabs, and more across their mobile devices and PCs. Additionally, the software giant also plans to introduce favorites syncing between Chromium Edge and Edge for iOS soon. Already, the Edge beta app for Android allows users to sync their favorites with the Chromium-powered Edge preview. Keep in mind that you will need to switch to Edge's Insider channels on the Android app in order to enable content syncing. You will also need to sign in with your Microsoft account to do that. Once done, you can view the synced content on your PC in the mobile favorites folder. Source: Windows Latest
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